Wednesday, January 30, 2008

63: John Coltrane...

Maybe a bit "quite different" after the Wah-Wah chronicles part 4,
but I really wanted to do a little tribute and honour
one of the all-time greatest saxophone players and
jazz innovators of the last century for some time:
He's one of the few truly BIG ones,
someone who can extract tears from my eyes
by bringing joy to my ears,
a guy who can make me competely forget about time
or any of my my troubles,
and take me to places where I thought I've never been before,
though they might feel like giant deja vu's at the same time...
He's just awesome!
If you're NOT into jazz at all,
please try to listen to these 10 songs anyway,
maybe they "change" your ears and all that jazz?!
The classic Coltrane quartet
(Jimmy Garrsion, McCoy Tyner and Elvin Jones)
lasted about 5 years or so, most of it perfecty
documented on the Impulse catalogue.
In that black/orange coloured row of albums are my most
favourite albums located, though I
(go figure)
have his earlier Prestige an Atlantic output as well.
If I'd win the lottery I would purchase THIS set too,
but a friend of mine has it
(yes, he'd won the lottery!)
and I made me 4 ... you get it ...
I can give you a list of albums that are "not to be lived without"
or I can suggest some of the stuff you don't want to miss,
but you can start by listening to these 10 songs as well...
1. John Coltrane - Alabama (take 4 & 5) (5:10)
2. John Coltrane - Amen (8:14)
3. John Coltrane - Crescent (8:44)
4. John Coltrane - Dear lord (5:37)
5. John Coltrane - Dear old stockholm (10:44)
6. John Coltrane - Greensleeves (3:45)
7. John Coltrane - Living space (10:24)
8. John Coltrane - Love (8:03)
9. John Coltrane - One down, one up (15:31)
10. John Coltrane - Up 'gainst the wall (3:16)

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