Thursday, January 17, 2008

48: Love The Songs That Do The Matter..

...or, do the songs that love the matter...
It might not come as a surprise,
but the 10 songs of today are about love,
strong love, crazy love, true love or simply put:
the love you can't live without.
Just like you don't want to miss out on these 10 great songs :-)
A little note on the Bobby Blue Bland song:
a cover of it was posted by me in the Mark Lanegan spot a little while back!
The Lambchop song is kinda tribute to Curtis Mayfield, very nice!
1. Bad Company - Feel Like Makin' Love (5:16)
2. Baker Gurwitz Army - The Key (6:24)
3. Bobbie Gentry - You've Made Me So Very Happy (3:21)
4. Bobby Blue Bland - I'll Take Care Of You (2:27)
5. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Crazy Little Thing (2:38)
6. Clarence Carter - Slip Away (2:32)
7. Doris Duke - Let Love Touch Us Now (2:31)
8. Honey & The Bees - Love Addict (2:35)
9. Lambchop - Love Song (Curtis) (5:12)
10. Muddy Waters - Twenty-Four Hours (4:50)

and I'm lovin' it!


brooding bird said...

Hello e-mile,

always heartening to know there are other fans of Rahsaan; they recently released a two volume live Parisian concert, but you've probably already picked up the music. Where you at man? i used to know someone from Utrecht...

Good Listens,

brooding bird

brooding bird said...


thanks for the winrar! i know jack about computers, and have to go over to a friends place to work on the blog. he's got a Mac, and i wonder if that might be the problem. Please try out the links and let me know which have issues, and i'll deal with the tedium of reposting.

thanks again,


E-mile said...

ey broody,

I was BORN in Utrecht :-)
through the years I moved south, each relocation a bit further...
today I live in
Our Secret Service :-)
-put the captials together & you've figured it out-

regards, E-mile