Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Tenth Ten Commandments

Glops, a weird bunch this time!
But typing "the tenth ten" was also a kinda strange,
so what the heck!
Maybe some of it is indeed a little bit "out there"
for some ears, but it's all good!
And if you (or your ears) don't agree, well, than it's just me...
here we go:
1. Alela Diane - Pirate's Gospel (2:55)
2. Mike Keneally Band - This Tastes Like A Hotel (15:15)
3. Nathaniel Mayer - I Found Out (4:04)
4. Pirates - Cuttin' Out (1:58)
5. Prelapse - Alarms (3:28)
6. Rodriguez - Sugar Man (3:48)
7. Sons And Daughters - Medicine (2:11)
8. Tapes 'N Tapes - Insistor (4:20)
9. Twyker-Klimek-Heil - Wintersleepers (8:51)
10. William S. Burroughs - Words Of Advice For Young People (4:12)

have FUN, and next 10 are gonna be strictly J.A.Z.Z.
(which, according to Frank Zappa, is "not dead, it just smells funny")

The Ninth Ten Commandments

As promised, 10 new songs with a mellow feel to them.

An old and a new version of the fact that people make the

world go round, a nice little (bootleg)version of Summertime

and a nice version of From A Whisper To A Scream.

(Though I prefer the one done by Allen Toussaint himself, maybe another time)

The first song I found on the OST from the TV series Six Feet Under.

If you have the chance to see the film the Fred Frith song is from,

(Step Across The Border) you're in for a nice (musical) trip!

1. Devlins - Waiting (Tom Lord-Alge remix) (4:51)

2. Esther Philips - From A Whisper To A Scream (4:23)

3. Fred Frith - Lost and Found (3:20)

4. Gomez - Get Myself Arrested (4:03)

5. Innerzone Orchestra - people make the world go round (5:13)

6. Koop - Koop Island Blues (vocals by Ane Brun) (4:34)

7. Lee Scratch Perry - News Flash (3:24)

8. Nick Drake - summertime (1:35)

9. Stylistics - People Make The World Go Round (6:27)

10. Tom Waits - Little Drop of Poison (4:02)

enjoy and relax, till the next 10 again.


Monday, November 26, 2007

The Eight Ten Commandments

This time a more pop/rock orientated selection.

the LSS are one tight-ass band, check out their 2007 album: Swampblood!

Geggy Tah made only 3 albums, and they are all 3 great albums.

The R.L. Burnside song you might know from the Sopranos-series?

Budgie is an oldtime favorite of mine, one of the greatest classic (hard)

rock-trio's around! Their 4 first albums are VERY good.

1. Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist (4:43)

2. Budgie - Breaking All The Houserules (7:16)

3. Cee-Lo - Living Again (3:36)

4. Geggy Tah - L.A. Lujah (3:40)

5. Ian Siegal Band - Beulah Land # 2 (Temptation) (2:50)

6. Legendary Shack Shakers - Agony Wagon (2:56)

7. Maximo Park - Hammer Horror (3:43)

8. R.L. Burnside - It's Bad You Know (4:58)

9. Stevie Wonder - Love Having You Around (7:23)

10. Violent Femmes - Country Death Song (5:00)

Hope you'll like this little shrink-session as much as I did,

next 10 will be on the mellow side of town...


Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Seventh Ten Commandments


Another 10 (very different) songs to keep you awake, to put you to sleep,

to totally rock ya minds or maybe just to make you wonder...

But they do the matter.

An instrumental version of Summertime included, one that brought all kinds of

muscular movements to my face, never knew I had that many muscles up there!

I just HAD to put a little gospel in there too, since this is the 7th one...

(but luckily I'm not the 7th son) along with something that reminded me

of the great Soft Machine 7 album.

(sadly the Viola Crayola only made 1 album).

And if you like that LONG song (from the trombone-man), don't hesitate for

a minute and buy that ECM album straightaway!

here's the tracklisting for this one:

1. Cedric 'Im Brooks - Satta - Masa - Ganna (7:10)

2. Earl Hines & Budd Johnson - Summertime (5:46)

3. Julian Priester - Prologue/Love, Love (19:22)

4. Nicole Willis - Gonna Get Yours (2:39)

5. Odetta & Holmes Brothers - 2 Little Fishes & Five Loaves (3:21)

6. Raconteurs - Blue Veins (4:03)

7. Viola Crayola - Mr Leroy, Pepe Is Lost (4:27)

8. Wah Wah Watson - Goo Goo Wah Wah (5:42)

9. William S. Fischer- Patience Is Virtue (4:49)

10. Zeph and Azeem - Play the Drum (3:59)

enjoy, and keep the E-mile up!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Sixth Ten Commandments

Well, well well...
What more do I gotta say?

I bring you 10 new songs from my collection, 10 songs that are somewhat in a joyful mood, I guess... I confess to the blues, I confess to a black man's soul, I confess to collect songs I really like. Again a few covers, or songs that became "famous" by other bands...

What's more to say?

I'll give you the tracklisting here:

1. Eilen Jewell - High shelf booze (3:38)
2. Kenny Rankin - In The Name Of Love (3:20)
3. Oscar Brown Jr. - Barra Limpa (3:05)
4. Pharoah Sanders- Our Roots Began In Africa (4:47)
5. Pura Fé - Wait till You come back again (4:12)
6. Reuben Howell - help the people (2:23)
7. Sonny Boy Williamson [II] - One Way Out (2:47)
8. Steve Cropper, Pops Staples & Albert King - Tupelo (6:04)
9. Tony Sherman - Slippin' Into Darkness (4:30)
10. Wilson Turbinton - A New Kind Of Love (2:18)

I won't bother you with the ones you COULD explore more,
just listen & find out for yourselves!

The Fifth Ten Commandments

For this one I stumbled upon a few gems in my collection I'm sure I couldn't live without, even in my next lifetime...or the one after that :-)
I know 'commandments' sound a bit biblical, but everyone's gotta live by some 'rules' I guess.
Mine are quite simple: when it's good, it's good.
My ears recieve, my mind divides, my body reacts, and those 3 leave me just where the music wants me to be: in the right place! (but, yeah, maybe in the wrong time...)

Anyways, here's another 10 (great) songs, including some early work of Fatboy Slim, the unforgettable sounds of Mark Sandman & Co., a little X-files theme I put in there with MC 900 FT Jesus myself and a great Michael Jackson work out...

Please buy all the Morphine albums you can get your hands on,
they are all GOOD, oh YES, they are a CURE FOR PAIN :-)

here's the tracklisting, so you'll be a little prepared for what's here to hear:

1. Earl Gaines - hymn n°5 (3:21)
2. Freddie King - San-Ho-Zay (2:33)
3. Fried Funk Food - Freak Of Da Week (6:41)
4. MC 900 Ft Jesus - Killer Inside Me (4:10)
5. Morphine - thursday (3:26)
6. Nine - famaldahyde (4:15)
7. Ray-O-Vacs- besame mucho (2:49)
8. Roberta Flack - Go Up Moses (5:23)
9. Senor Coconut - BEAT IT (Merengue) (3:55)
10. Zita Swoon - Hot Hotter Hottest (4:47)

enjoy and keep the E-mile up!

E-mile's 5th commandment (RS)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Fourth Ten Commandments

This time I bring you a few covers, escpecially the Duke Ellington one
I think is very good! Madonna never sounded this far beyond and OutKast should be proud their song even stands out in that 'southern way'...

The one's that you could explore more
(dig deeper into) are:

the Steve Reid reissues on SoulJazz records and all the albums
Marc Ribot played on! (a long, long list)

tracklisting: (so you'll know what you're gonna hear)

1. Bill Frisell - live to tell (10:12)
2. Boss Hoss - Hey Ya! (3:52)
3. Comets On Fire - Dogwood Rust (7:48)
4. Dreams - imagine my surprise (7:58)
5. Fred Frith - Too Much Too Little (2:08)
6. Kazutoki Umezu ft Marc Ribot - Western Picaro (5:27)
7. Konk - Baby Dee (6:00)
8. Medeski Martin and Wood - Chinoiserie (5:44)
9. Steve Reid - Rocks (For Cannonball) (9:31)
10. Tony Da Skitzo- who U talkin 2 (3:52)

nw link E-mile's 4th commandment (RS)

for now, enjoy this 10 & keep the E-mile up!

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Third Ten Commandments

A yet wider variety this third time around,
with a few of that funky stuff and a few that creep a little further.

Listen for yourselves...

The one's that you could explore more
(dig deeper into) are:

all of the TRIBE records
have I mentioned the fact I "collect" (all) versions of the song
a song that must be covered like a million times or so...

If you know one, I'm always glad to hear about it!
The more obscure, intense, farfetched or
simply beautifully heartfelt the better ofcourse :-)
I'll sneak a few versions of them so now and again in my beautiful 10!
1. Art Jackson's Atrocity - Available Bush (7:11)
2. Charlie Musselwhite - Christo Redentor (3:21)
3. Darondo - Let My People Go (3:58)
4. Howlin' Wolf - Spoonful (3:50)
5. K-0s - Crabbuckit (3:45)
6. Lonnie Smith - Afrodesia (9:23)
7. Roland Young - Row Land (7:37)
8. Santo & Johnny - Summertime (2:49)
9. Wendell Harrison & Tribe - Farewell To Welfare Pts 1 & 2 (3:12)
10. Wild Magnolias - Ho Na Nae (4:33)

enjoy & keep the E-mile up.
for now, swing low and move your hips!

or try:

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Second Ten Commandments

A wider variety this second time around,
but still plenty of funky stuff!
Listen for yourselves...

The one's that you could explore more
(dig deeper into)
are Olu Dara & the solid Dr.John.
1. Afrique - House Of Rising Funk (3:12)
2. Dr.John - litanie des saints (4:43)
3. Fat Freddy's Drop - Midnight marauders (6:41)
4. Harvey Mandel - Cristo Redentor (3:48)
5. Lewis Taylor - stoned part I (4:51)
6. Olu Dara - herbman (4:44)
7. Recoil - Prey (8:19)
8. Scotty- Draw Your Brakes (3:16)
9. Society's Bag - Let It Crawl (2:34)
10. Wolfgang Dauner - Just Bring It On (4:18)

enjoy & keep the E-mile up.

for now,

swing low and move your hips!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The First Ten Commandments

Well, for this first ones I just had to be funky!
Let the songs that do the matter do the work.
I'll say no more, except for this:
The one's that you could explore more
(dig deeper into)
are Larry Young, Melvin Jackson and Clifford Coulter.
tracklisting: (so you'll know what you're gonna hear)

1. Ambros Seelos - Mabusso (2:43)
2. Clifford Coulter - VJC (6:38)
3. Della Reese - I Got The Blues (3:27)
4. Harry Connick Jr. - Joe Slam and the Spaceship (7:13)
5. Herman Kelly- Dance To The Drummer's Beat (4:16)
6. Joe South - Misunderstanding (3:57)
7. Josephine Taylor - I've Made Up My Mind (1969) (2:57)
8. Larry Youngs Fuel - Turn Off The Lights (7:02)
9. Melvin Jackson - Funky Skull Pt.1&2 (4:53)
10. Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul - (I've Got) So Much Trouble In My Mind (6:18)

enjoy & keep the E-mile up.

for now,

swing low and move your hips!