Wednesday, January 9, 2008

42: Duke Pearson

Today I'd like to put a little sunshine on the work of Duke Pearson.
He wrote the song Christo Redentor,
and that is a most wonderful piece of music!
From these 6 albums (I put the fronts together in the pic)
I selected 10 songs for your listening pleasure.
If you'd have the money, you'd buy the Mosaic Select, vol.8 ...
Or you pick a few of his albums (much cheaper!) out of his
1. Duke Pearson - Big Bertha (5:57)
2. Duke Pearson - Christo Redentor (3:54)
3. Duke Pearson - ESP (Extrasensory Perception) (7:51)
4. Duke Pearson - Horn In (5:53)
5. Duke Pearson - Los Malos Hombres (6:36)
6. Duke Pearson - Mississippi Dip (2:35)
7. Duke Pearson - Scrap Iron (5:24)
8. Duke Pearson - Soulin' (7:02)
9. Duke Pearson - Straight Up And Down (6:59)
10. Duke Pearson - The Fakir (5:18)


brooding bird said...

Hi, thanks for writing a comment on my blog! (

Really like this Duke Pearson starter kit you've put together! What's that one on the upper right hand corner, the one w/ the flower?

i should go and listen to "The Phantom" album again...

Thanks Again,

brooding bird

E-mile said...

Hi Brooding Bird,
it's "How Insensitive" from 1969, that means the one after "The Phantom". see the review from AMG:
I'm planning on Ronald Kirk starter kits as well, so maybe visit once in a while?
regards, E-mile

Big Papi said...

Thanks for the DP. Stop by my place,, I've got some Duke and other things you may like. ONE.

E-mile said...

Hi Big Papi,
I visited you, did see a few I WANT to hear...unfortunately 1 I'm really curious about has vanished from mediafire: ESTHER PHILLIPS/w JOE BECK: FOR ALL WE KNOW...could you do me a really BIG favour and re-up it in someway?? I totally love her, but this one I've never heard/seen before...If you want I can up a few (6) titles to you too.
Aherm, back to rockcitygentlemen.
I love the jazz things you put out, is it OK by you if I'd link you in my little blog?
Please let me know.
A lot of the albums I scrolled through I already know or have or did have, but you sure put in the good work!!! Be sure to visit Rab Hines and Co. regurlaly btw.

kind regards, E-mile

funk tone said...

thank you for this one!
added you to my blogroll.

do you have the track "xibaba"?