Sunday, December 29, 2013

410: Best wishes for 2014 and let's have it for miss Rigby [:-)

Finally a new, proper post....
I know, I can add excuse upon excuse, but in the end
it's just me NOT posting new thematical terror.
Be reassured, I got stacks and stacks stashed away, 
me not posting new stuff ISN'T the same as me not
keeping my ears & mind open for this little blog.

This year's last post is a 2 hour, 25 song version fiesta
of the immortal fab four tune about that crazy lady
who couldn't afford to buy Uncle Ben's in the cornershop...

One of my fab 4 favourites, along with Here Comes The Sun,
Something and of course Come Togehther....

I hope you enjoy all these 25 versions and 
interpretations, two of my mos favs here are the very 
soulful rendition by Messengers Inc. and the one by Trudy Pitts.

I wish you all a good 2013-2014 celebration,
and I promise I'll be back soon here with more stuff,
also more often and always within the high
E-mile Says standard you guys & dolls grew
accustomed to [:-)
Alejandra Bayas - Eleonor Rigby (4:04)
Angela Galuppo - Eleanor Rigby (5:27)
Blonde 0n Blonde - Eleanor Rigby (3:18)
Cafe Americain - Eleanor Rigby (4:03)
CeCe Teneal - Eleanor Rigby (3:21)
Florian Hoefner Group - Eleanor Rigby (5:55)
Gene Harris & The Three Sounds - Eleanor Rigby (6:43)
George Kahn - Eleanor Rigby (5:26)
I Drive - Classic Rigby (Part 1 & 2)-(Lennon / McCartney,Arr.Smith) (6:09)
Jane Stuart - Eleanor Rigby (4:57)
Joshua Redman - Eleanor Rigby (8:46)
Liz Callaway - Eleanor Rigby (4:09)
Luis Alvarez - Eleanor Rigby (2:05)
Mal Waldron - Eleanor Rigby (6:32)
Mark Murphy - Eleanor Rigby (5:30)
Messengers Inc - Eleanor Rigby (4:46)
Mops - Eleanor Rigby (4:18)
Morgana King - Eleanor Rigby (2:18)
Nguyen Le - Eleanor Rigby (7:04)
Rare Earth - Eleanor Rigby (6:38)
Sandy Coast - Eleanor Rigby (3:16)
Tangence - Eleanor Rigby (3:25)
Tessa Souter - Eleanor Rigby (3:52)
Trudy Pitts - Eleanor Rigby (2:56)
Vince Seneri - Eleanor Rigby