Monday, January 28, 2008

61: This one's for FUZZY!

This one's for you Fuzzy!
Please visit Fuzzy!
And while you're at it,
listen to this album by Oz Noy, called Fuzzy!
Great "jazz rock-ish" stuff...
...anno 2007.


Bonobo said...

Mh, that one's gone

But there's LOTs of great stuff here at your place, I'm amazed. I'm getting hooked ...

THANKS a lot, & Greetings from a bit to the east ;-)


E-mile said...

some places where you can find this album:
or try this one:
sorry, but links grow dead on you, mind you this was post 61 (!)
hope you find many stuff, songs and other satisfying specimen on my little baby-blog, Tom!
peace, E-mile
(btw, I'm guessing you're loacted in Germany???)

Bonobo said...

Dear E-Mile, thanks for your kind reply. Funny thing is, today the file is being found, while (I swaer!) MegaUpload yesterday told me they couldn't find it (or something like that). Perhaps the fact that I purchased premium changed their mind ;-) And this should also tell you something about your blog or about how I ... *dig* the stuff you're offering. I'm hooked. Thank you.

And yes, your guess is correct.

Cheers, Tom

Bonobo said...

Uhm, that should've spelled "swear".