Tuesday, January 28, 2014

413: Feeling Good!


Welcome to a wonderful one hour feeling good version fiesta!
If this mix doesn't lift your spirits for 2014,
I don't know what will.....
Some really standout versions here today,
makes me wonder if the Miss Simone version
is the "first", or just just the one most familiar?
Does any of you know who recorded the "original"?
I don't & I don't want to loose time over it,
googling my ass of; I got better things to do,
like keeping up with my new year's resolution and
figure out what post is next on E-mile Says [:-)
Use the search function for all the previous
versions of this tune posted here in the past.


1-Dee Alexander - Feeling Good (8:41)
2-Elizabeth Shepherd - Feeling Good (5:28)
3-Freddie McCoy - Feeling Good (2:55)
4-Gerry Mulligan - Feeling Good (3:32)
5-Gregory Porter - Feeling Good (3:01)
6-Halie Loren - Feeling Good (4:10)
7-Horiso - Feeling Good (3:48)
8-Jacqui Naylor - Feelin' Good (3:42)
9-Janiva Magness - Feelin' Good (3:08)
10-Kellylee Evans - Feeling Good (4:25)
11-Lynn Marino - Feelin' Good (2:19)
12-Me'shell Ndegéocello - Feelin' Good (4:12)
13-Mercedes Nicole - Feeling Good (5:08)
14-Michael Falkenstein - Feeling Good (3:38)
15-Turley Richards - Feeling Good (3:28)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

412: Covers gone crazy again...


Today indeed these covers are going crazy again...
Hope you folks enjoy this 1 hour 35 minute mix,
and be sure I'll be back with something new
sometime soon.
If anyone wants an old E-mile Says theme revived, 
(money, hammond, wah-wah, cats, flute etc etc)
don't be shy to ask for it!

1- Amanda Palmer - Perfect Day (4:23)
2- Andre Jaume Joe Mc Phee Raymond Boni - The Dock Of The Bay (7:11)
3- Ben Sidran - You Gotta Serve Somebody (4:47)
4- Bill Moss & The Celestials - You've Got To Serve Somebody (5:00)
5- Billy Valentine & the Forest Rangers - The Dock of the Bay (3:21)
6- Boogaloo Joe Jones - The Beat Goes On (3:29)
7- Debby Boone - These Boots Are Made for Walkin' (3:24)
8- Deirdre Wilson Tabac - The Dock Of The Bay (2:51)
9- Firewater - The Beat Goes On (4:01)
10- Hoodoo Loungers - I Put A Spell On You (5:08)
11- Kellylee Evans - Lose Yourself (5:42)
12- Larry Davids - Guns of Brixton (2:59)
13- MikkiM ft. Zareb - Guns Of Kingston (6:02)
14- Omaha Diner - Lose Yourself (4:13)
15- Otros Aires - Perfect Day (3:16)
16- Rupa & the April Fishes - Guns Of Brixton (3:15)
17- S-Tone Inc - I Put A Spell On You (4:07)
18- Sam Paglia - The Beat Goes On (4:16)
19- Scott Matthew - To Love Somebody (3:42)
20- Shirley Caesar - You Gotta Serve Somebody (5:54)
21- Soulful Orchestra - I Put A Spell On You (2:49)
22- The WEB - To Love Somebody (3:29)
23- Tubby Hayes Orchestra - These Boots Are Made For Walking (2:28)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

411: my new year's resolution

First of all,
I want to wish you all the very, very best possible
for the new year.
I myself took it upon me to post here more (often)
in smaller doses, and cut the crap, 
just plain more frequently!

To start this off, I choose carefully an 1 hour mix
of tunes that have no bounding theme whatsover,
something you JUST might (not) expect from me?

Well, it's all done in that well-mannered taste you
dear readers & listeners grew accumstomized to,
so, before I post a new one, I'd say:
enjoy this theme-less bunch of early celebrations,
and I'll be back to my usual thematical terrorized 
terror soon. Promised. . . . 

meanwhile, enjoy this one hour mix
I hope it fills your fix!

Let´s set sail for 2014, a year that is gonna  scratch the 7 years´s 
existance of this little blog in a good way!

1-Carol Woods - Bigger Than I (2:11)
2-Don Cavalli - You And My Zundapp (2:25)
3-Gypsy - Is That News (3:17)
4-Hammer - Pains And Tears (3:22)
5-Judy Mowatt - Down In The Valley (3:15)
6-Madeline Bell - Blues (2:55)
7-Marlena Shaw - Easy Evil (3:37)
8-Mary Lou Williams & Group Ft. Leon Thomas - You Know Baby (2:52)
9-Médico Doktor Vibes - Diska Limba Man (5:11)
10-Ray Torske - 666 (3:06)
11-Rita Coolidge - Mud Island (4:29)
12-Spencer Mac - Ka-Ka Kabya Mow-Mow (Sing A Little Love Song) (2:49)
13-Terry & The Chain Reaction - Keep Your Cool (2:37)
14-Timewrap - We Gonna Rule The World (10:46)
15-War - War Is Coming! (7:05)

Strictly for the Dutchies here.....

(klik op:)