Wednesday, January 2, 2008

34: Latin Playboys

I've always been someone who "liked" Los Lobos till I heard the
This one was "different" and raw compared to all the other albums !
A killer album, daring and very powerful.
Indeed, AMG mentiones this about it:
"it certainly shows signs of David Hidalgo's lo-fi,
experimental Latin Playboys project."
And that takes us to where we wanna be today,
the 2 albums from the Latin Playboys!
As I played them and tried to make a 10 song selection for this post, I (once again)
couldn't really pick the 10 stand out songs.
(what does indicate something bout me OR the music:-)
So here it is, or better, here they are, all songs alphabethically mixed into one trip!
Out of stock for many years, but today you can get them for a nice price (secondhand).
Oh, and if you really like this stuff, don't miss out on another
Los Lobos "spin-off":
the 1999 Houndog album, it's even a bit more "out there" ...

1. Latin Playboys-chinese surprise (3:07)
2. Latin Playboys-crayon sun (3:09)
3. Latin Playboys-cuca's blues (3:16)
4. Latin Playboys-dose (2:35)
5. Latin Playboys-fiesta erotica (3:11)
6. Latin Playboys-forever night shade mary (3:04)
7. Latin Playboys-gone (2:52)
8. Latin Playboys-if (1:41)
9. Latin Playboys-ironsides (1:48)
10. Latin Playboys-lagoon (2:27)
11. Latin Playboys-latin trip (3:00)
12. Latin Playboys-lemon 'n ice (3:52)
13. Latin Playboys-locoman (2:50)
14. Latin Playboys-manifold de amour (2:02)
15. Latin Playboys-mira! (1:25)
16. Latin Playboys-mustard (3:30)
17. Latin PLayboys-new zandu (3:13)
18. Latin Playboys-nubian priestess (2:01)
19. Latin Playboys-paletero (3:15)
20. Latin Playboys-paula y fred (3:07)
21. Latin Playboys-pink steps (2:06)
22. Latin Playboys-rudy's party (2:31)
23. Latin Playboys-same brown earth (3:45)
24. Latin Playboys-ten believers (3:17)
25. Latin Playboys-tormenta blvd (2:10)
26. Latin Playboys-toro (0:39)
27. Latin Playboys-viva la raza (2:48)


A Pyrex Scholar said...

hey. thanks for the comment. your new spot looks good. feel free to link me, ill do the same

Yotte said...

Hey E-Mile! I didn't know you had posted these (didn't come up on Captain Crawl). Hope you don't mind my posts. Love these albums and Houndog, too. I have a few more posts related to these already saved that'll be popping up over the next few days...

Kiko and Colossal Head are amazing albums; so different from each other and both far superior to 99% of mainstream music. Los Lobos has become one of my all time favorite bands over the last 10 years! I know they did a short tour a couple of years ago where they played the entire Kiko album live. Wish I could have caught one of those shows.

Thanks for leaving a comment over at Pathway!

Blue Eyed Mearl said...

Thanks for posting these, they are really impossible to find anywhere! Very excited to check out the rest of your blog... and for anyone paying attention, I found Latin Playboys music through Pandora while creating a station for Lana Del Rey, who I highly recommend for the wow factor. Viva!

Blue Eyed Mearl said...

Thanks for posting this, this stuff is impossible to find! I love Lobos but had never heard the Playboys until I created a station on Pandora for Lana Del Rey, who I recommend for the Mazzy/What The? factor. Cant wait to check out the rest of your blog! Viva!