Tuesday, January 15, 2008

45: Somewhat "off" or a bit crazy...

The next 10 songs share one thing: they're a bit crazy!
Or silly. Or hilarious. Or, in a small way,"wonderfully off".
Or they sound funny. Or they're just plain retarded.
My favourite here is the one from the Novi Singers,
it's so beautiful it might in fact not belong here,
not with the other 9 for company!
The pic here down below is for the the song that someone
made out of various George W. Bush speeches...
A very handsome editing job :-)

1. Arthur Brown - Is There Nothing Beyond God (2:26)
2. Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip - Thou Shalt Always Kill (3:26)
3. David Boyle - Da Vinci's Ho (3:56)
4. George Kranz - Din Dada (Trommeltanz) (4:00)
5. George W. Bush - Imagine (Full Version) (2:18)
6. Jackofficers - Do It (3:20)
7. Lee Marvin - Wandrin' Star (4:27)
8. Novi Singers - Two Three Four (3:58)
9. OST - At The Munsters (1:39)
10. Steroid Maximus - ¡Quilombo! (4:23)

go (or get the) nuts !


Victor said...

This blog is about to become one of my favorites...
You really make some efforts doing those compilations. I mostly listen to Soul but I like to discover new things.

So thanks a lot E-mile.

I'd gladly add a couple stuffs, but this week I don't have my usual computer. I just can give two Millie "crazy voice" Small's tunes: My boy lollipop and the classic I want you to know (my favorite Fats Domino).


Just one remark: you could edit the tags in order to make virtual albums. When I upload a compilation, here is how I do:
- I copy the tracks in a new folder
- I rename them with Ant Renamer
- I edit the tags with MP3 Book Helper, to modify the album and the track numbers
- I make an archive with 7-zip, upload it and delete the copied files and the archive

Those softwares are open-source.

E-mile said...

Hi Victor,
thanks for your feedback!
Though it's nice to collect whole albums (many other blogs give you that!)I for myself think indeed it's much more satisfying to post in a "theme" or search for songs that share a similarity...
For the creative minds amongst us, the possibilities to do so are quite endless!
My favorite genres are also Soul/Funk and Jazz(rock), mainly 70's stuff ofcourse :-) but my musical horizon is a lot broader than that alone. It helps (?) I spend 14 years in a recordshop, I guess.
About the tags, I try to give them all decent names using WinAmp and I also rename them in the new folder itself. After all is done properly I add it to an archive, upload it, and delete the rar-file on my PC. I will check out your open source software, it's like you said: "I like to discover new things" :-)
Be prepared for a whole lotta versions of the song Summertime by the way! If you have any suggestions, I'll be glad to hear from you, ofcourse!
regards, E-mile

E-mile said...

Victor, your 2 Millie Small songs are absolutely CRAZY too!