Tuesday, April 8, 2014

416 : Right On The Money, vol.6


Today a follow-up on the money theme.
Or rather, the lack of it coming my way lateley.
Out of a decent paying job for over 6 months
left me quite, eh well, poor....
I got a roof over my head, my dogs & cats get their food,
and I ain't starving either, don't get me wrong,
but it's been a while I could afford to see live music,
treat my girl on a night out and so on.
I also need new shoes, a new bicycle and a way to pay my
medical bills and the annual taxes....
Maybe I'll start going to the "bingo" and maybe I get lucky?
For today you can enjoy a motherlode of money minded music,
the Pink Floyd tune gets covered a few times ofcourse,
and all in all this 50 tracks, 3 hour & 50 minute mix
is a rather good investment to forget about any discomfort,
platinum, visa or gold plated lies included [:-)

And before I forget, there's a very special sumting extra
in the comments, a little bonus from a bunch of CEO's
(yes that means Chief Executive Officer's) I hold in HIGH regard,
some guys who paid their dues and are still kicking it off in 2014!

So, don't be late, don't hesitate or even start to contemplate,
just grab the cash & have fun with the extra stash...


A J Croce - Easy Money (3:00)
Afrofunk Experience - Mad Money Woes (4:24)
Andre Williams - Money Ain't Got No Loyalty (3:52)
Ben Perowsky Trio - Money (7:56)
Bill Banfield's Jazz Urbane - Money Funny (7:22)
Bobby Patterson - Money Is A Terrible Thing To Waste (4:21)
Bobby Rush - Gotta Have Money (3:28)
Bobby Womack - No Money In My Pocket (3:00)
Clutch - Money (5:39)
Cody Chesnut - Where Is All The Money Going (2:48)
Eddie Harris - I Need Some Money (7:31)
Eddie Harris - People Get Funny When They Get A Little Money (12:34)
Edgar Winter, Bill Bruford & Tony Levin - Money (6:22)
Flies on the Square Egg - Money (3:50)
Floyd Lee - Shake Your Moneymaker (2:00)
Frijid Pink - Money Man (2:55)
George White Group - Money (2:54)
Gloria Edwards - Money (That's What I Want) (1:44)
Gypsy - Money (4:51)
Hip-Hop Tribute To Pink Floyd - Money (4:52)
James Luther Dickinson & North Mississippi All Stars - Money Talks (5:35)
Joe Zawinul - Money In The Pocket (4:47)
Jon Cleary - Viva La Money (2:57)
Juma Sultan's Aboriginal Music Society - Shake Your Money Maker (1:27)
Katey Sagal - For the Love of Money (3:50)
Kevin Ayers - Money, Money, Money (3:12)
Lady - Money (3:43)
Linval Thompson Anthology - Money Money (2:32)
Lovin' Spoonful - Money (1:55)
Marc Ribot - Big Money (4:45)
Mark de Clive-Lowe & the Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra - Money 
(Don't Let It Catch Ya) (5:24)
Matumbi - All Over This World (Money) (2:57)
Max Johnson Trio - Money, Money, Money (9:38)
Mockuno NuClear - How To Earn Money (7:53)
Monsieur Camembert - Money Money Money (3:55)
Nath & Martin Brothers - Money (6:38)
New York Composers Orchestra - Paper Money (8:52)
Nick Waterhouse - Ain't There Something That Money Can't Buy (3:29)
Northern Voodoo - Someone Elses Money (3:09)
Oka - Money 4 the Jam (4:44)
Oklahoma Blues - Money Talks (5:46)
Otis Taylor - Your 10 Dollar Bill (3:56)
Pan - They Make Money With The Stars (4:52)
Sam Paglia - Money (2:31)
Swamp Dogg - Mighty Mighty Dollar Bill (4:58)
Tim Hain & Alan Glen - Money Ain’t Worth The Money 
Bombay Calling (3:54)
Tom Waits - 'Til The Money Runs Out (4:25)
Wigwam - Save My Money & Name (4:10)
Zappatta Schmidt - Money Is The Root Of All Evil (4:31)
Zoe Gilby - Money (3:50)