Tuesday, January 22, 2008

53: RASHAAN ROLAND KIRK, an introduction part 2

A proper introduction of the musical world of Rashaan
Roland Kirk needs -needless to say- more than just 10 songs.
I'm still choosing from the classic 60's Mercury output here.
(though the saxophone concerto I snug in
yesterday was actually from 1973)
Towards the end of the 60's and during the seventies
his music became a (whole) different story.
More extravaganza (yes, can you imagine that?)
and more experimental in a way.
But that's something for later on, for now,
let's swing like mad and put the next 10 on!
Included here is the song "that inspired" Ian Anderson from
Jethro Tull to pick up the flute..
Anyone with half a brain knows to which one I'm referring?
1. Roland Kirk - 3-In-1 Without The Oil (2:35)
2. Roland Kirk - A Stritch In Time (5:06)
3. Roland Kirk - Between The Fourth And The Fifth Step (3:43)
4. Roland Kirk - Black Diamond (5:24)
5. Roland Kirk - E.D. (2:25)
6. Roland Kirk - Hip Chops (3:35)
7. Roland Kirk - No Tonic Press (4:35)
8. Roland Kirk - Reeds And Deeds (5:20)
9. Roland Kirk - Serenade To A Cuckoo (4:35)
10. Roland Kirk - Song Of The Countrymen (6:56)

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