Friday, January 25, 2008

58: Jazzrock ???

Jazzrock...what the hell is that?
Is it rock that "jazzes"?
Or jazz that "rocks"?
I think most jazz really rocks, so that can't be it...
In a (silent-sic) way it started with the long songs Miles Davis
did on the "everybody loves to hate" album Bitches Brew, I guess.
Fact is in the early and mid 70's there was a whole lot of this music,
some of it was a bit tiring,
but lots of these sounds are still grooving me right out of my head!
Best kind of jazzrock (for me) is the kind that's still funky...
... and preferably uptempo.
And as a extra bonus, I'd like to have some freaky bass in it too.
Lissen up:
1. Billy Cobham - The Pleasant Pheasant (5:20)
2. Curt Cress Clan - Moving Right Along (2:47)
3. Garage A Trois - A-Frame (3:58)
4. Jean-Luc Ponty - Is Once Enough (4:59)
5. Lenny White - Chicken-Fried Steak (4:35)
6. Medeski, Martin & Wood - End Of The World Party (5:10)
7. Soft Machine - Tarabos (4:32)
8. Spaced Out - Infinite Ammo (4:18)
9. Stanley Clarke - Bass Folk Song (7:59)
10. Wayne Horvitz - Let's Get Mashed (4:05)


barefootbob said...

WOW!! I dig your train(s) of thoughts and stylish mixes. Yer WAH-WAH collection is "Fanf*ckintastic"!! I may have to come back to peruse your RR Kirk samplers. After 3 or 4 months goin gaga on dozens & dozens of album blogs this one is definitely in my new top 10 of creativity using all genres of tunes..Psych-Jazz-Blues-Funk-Swamp!! Keep it up E-Mile. BFB

E-mile said...

Hi Barefootbob,
I understand the goin' gaga on the ton of albums that are out there...
It's nice though they exist, much music I never knew of came under my attention and that's a gooood thing for my always HUNGRY ears[:-)
Thanks for the praises, and yeah I sure hope those wah chronicles NEVER stop!
peace, E-mile