Sunday, May 11, 2014

417: best nw (jazz) music currently in my earplugs


Today a small dose (2 hours & 12 minutes)
of stuff I have currently on my tiny MP3 player,
all very groovy and fun.
Try it and I am sure you'll have a big smile upon your face,
listening to all this wonderful (jazzy) music.

Animus Anima - La Promesse (5:01)
Atomic Ape - Red Tide (4:22)
Bingo Miki & The Inner Galaxy Orchestra -  / Alcazar (8:55)
Burnin' Red Ivanhoe - Bareback Rider (8:48)
Charli Persip & Superband - Revenge Of The Fat People (5:58)
Geir Lysne - Please Welcome! (8:20)
Hackney Colliery Band - A Bit of Common Decency (5:10)

Harrison Bankhead Quartet - Velvet Blue (15:15)
Ibrahim Maalouf - Illusion (3:19)
iordache - Earthworm (5:16)
Roswell Rudd - Joe Hill - The Relentless Walk (3:55)
Kullrusk - Alice the Babs (6:11)
Kullrusk - Merguez (7:07)

La Fanfare du Loup - Les Éléphants (6:08)
Loek Dikker - The Sound Of Ar (6:20)
Massimo Spano Rural Electrification Orchestra - Big Foot (5:36)
Merl Saunders - Aunt monk (3:26)
Nels Cline Trio - Beardism / Call Crouch (7:44)
Stefan Zeniuk & Gato Loco - Orphans of the Storm (after Mo (4:31)
Stefano Ferrian Luca Pissavini Andrea Quattrini Trio + Sabir Mateen - 
5 Miles To Brooklyn (11:02)

All Flirtin' Flutes posts refluted....

Today by request I revived all the fluted posts.
(once more!)
Be sure to grab them, before they will fade away...
(again [:-)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

All Hammond posts are revived....

As Kris Kovina suggested, maybe it's indeed a good idea to 
remind you folks all the previous Hammond posts are
re-upped and ready to roll...
(in case any of you missed one)
Have fun.

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direct links into the wasteland of this little blog [:-)

Next I will reup all the flirtin' flutes posts....