Sunday, January 6, 2008

39: Do The Dog pt.5

Hi, man's best friend (no, that's NOT your iPod :-)
had a wonderful, long and exhausting walk today,
after that he looked a bit like the picture below...
For now I'm done with "dog"-songs for a bit,
next time I return to you with something
completely different, maybe 10 songs that DON'T share a theme
(for the occasional listener, that is)
PS: my cat's gonna be 18 this year,
so that's maybe worth a little "tribute" too

1. Duke Pearson - Prairie Dog (6:49)
2. Esther Phillips - Your Love Is So Doggone Good (4:26)
3. George Duke - Dog-Man (4:40)
4. Howard Tate - How Come My Bulldog Don't Bark (2:49)
5. Ike Turner - Philly Dog (2:22)
6. Jacques Delon - Hot Dogs (3:56)
7. Keef Hartley Band - Overdog (4:20)
8. New Mastersounds - Hot Dog (2:47)
9. Soul Searchers - Your Love Is So Doggone Good (8:36)
10. Tommy Guerrero - The Underdog (3:01)

Dogdo, part 5


Victor said...

50 songs about dogs, and not a single Rufus Thomas' one...

You had a large choice:
- Walking The Dog
- The Dog
- Can Your Monkey Do The Dog
- Can't Get Away From This Dog
- Stop Kicking My Dog Around
- Bear Cat (Aka Hound Dog)
- Somebody Stole My Dog

That's a shame!


PS: you right for Lee Perry: a true genius, so underrated... You should add The Upsetter To your playlist.

E-mile said...

hi Victor,
you beat me to it!
would you believe me if I said I didn't include any Rufus Thomas yet because...I have a few more dog-songs waiting on my CD-shelves, I just wanted to quit the dogshit for a bit :-) But you can expect a pt.6 for sure!

regards, E-mile

Victor said...

By the way... I've been looking at your posts, and I think you might like it:

I made a compilation of jamaican covers, from the late 60's and early 70's. I posted it for another blog a couple days ago. There are some gems in it, like Pat Kelly's songs.

Here is the playlist:

- Ain't no sunshine (Ken Boothe)
- Ain't that loving you (Alton Ellis)
- Come softly to me (Ken Boothe)
- Get Ready (Delroy Wilson)
- I'll be there (Barry Biggs and the Dragonaires)
- Is it because I'm black (Ken Boothe)
- It's alright (Ken Parker)
- Last night (Byron Lee)
- Now you can see me again (Ken Boothe, cover of 'When will I see you again')
- Perfidia (Phyllis Dillon)
- The tracks of my tears (Pat Kelly)
- Then you can tell my goodbye (Pat Kelly)
- Time is tight (The Sound Dimension)
- Try a little tenderness (Ken Boothe)
- Wherever I lay my hat (Cornell Campbell)
- Young, gifted and black (Bob Andy & Marcia Griffiths)

E-mile said...

hi Victor,
thanks for the jamaican-covers.
some of them are really wonderful!
keep visiting for more covers to come :-)
regards, E-mile

E-mile said...

new link: