Wednesday, December 26, 2007

32: The Day After...

No, I didn't spot him either the last couple of days, no worries!
But a great way to loose some of that extra calories we all -without a doubt- gained past 2 days, is to grab the next 10 songs and start to dance till you're silly :-)
(but seriously, keep the 'message' from
my previous post in mind, though)
Just another week and it's 2008, I hope to see you all again soon,
for now I'm gonna relax a little bit (doctor's advice :-) and put in mind that E-mile Says Songs Do The Matter never really sleeps and will return to you with a load of goodies...
1. Jeannie Dee - Two Heads Are Better Than One (2:11)
2. Bamboos - Step It Up (ft. Alice Russell) (3:38)
3. C-Mon & Kypski - Shitty Bum (3:26)
4. EZ Rollers - Walk This Land (3:50)
5. J.Teixi Band - Lo Quiro (4:09)
6. Mano Negra - Patchuko Hop (2:28)
7. Mudboy & The Neutrons - Money Talks (5:44)
8. Peshay & Mazelle - Truly (4:49)
9. The Heavy - Colleen (3:11)
10. Wild Magnolias - Coochie Molly (4:22)

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Vincent the Soul Chef said...

Dropping by to say thanks for the support and as always the music! Have a happy and SAFE New Year!

Peace and blessings.