Monday, December 17, 2007

24: More Covers.....Again!

Yeah, 10 new covers (again)!
Guess they keep me intrigued and awake (alert?)
They're just like coffee, get a few of them and all's fine, but when you've had a couple too much, you could end up having trouble getting to sleep...
The one here I was really amazed by,
was the one that combined U2 and Black Sabbath.
Rather funny, where and how "opposites" can meet!

I think I'm not gonna bother you 'bout more covers for a while,
but they WILL BE HERE again some other day :-)

1. Afroman - Hush (4:41)
2. Boss Hoss - Radar Love (3:17)
3. Calexico - The Guns Of Brixton (3:50)
4. DeVotchKa - Somethin' Stupid (3:23)
5. Jaymz Bee & Royal Jelly O - You Oughta Know (3:50)
6. New Cool Collective - El Cumbanchero (2:52)
7. Patti Smith - Gimme Shelter (5:00)
8. Saul Williams - Sunday Bloody Sunday (4:05)
9. Squarepusher - Love Will Tear Us Apart Again (3:32)
10. Waterboys - Sweet Thing (7:14)

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vesper said...

Just to tell that I'm deeply following your work. Nice choice, relevant, always; keep doing it!

E-mile said...

Vesper, thanks for the feedback!
And ofcourse, the same must be said in regards to your amazing blog :-)
enjoy, E-mile