Monday, December 3, 2007

The Thirteenth Ten Commandments

Aah. Number 13.
The lucky number!
To be on the safe side, on the good foot
and with enough sugar in my coffee,
I dedicate this one to the ladies.
The 'funky diva's' and the others who just know how to rock your boat.
No Aretha here, though she should be of course,
but everybody already knows HER...
(I presume!)
Limited as I am here (only 10 songs)
I chose a few funky female singers you've probably never heard of,
(except Betty Lavette, I'm sure)
but which are all worthy your undivided and totally devoted attention.
I'll give you the original Bobbie Gentry
version of the song Fancy in my next post.
1. Betty Barney - Momma Momma (2:46)
2. Betty Lavette - Let Me Down Easy (2:51)
3. Gloria Taylor - Grounded (Part 1) (2:29)
4. Grana' Louise - Summertime (7:10)
5. Little Eva - The Wind (3:01)
6. Mickey Murray - Sticky Sue (3:07)
7. Ramona King - Super Chicken (3:09)
8. Roberta Flack - Reverend Lee (4:30)
9. Rosalind Madison - Fancy (2:39)
10. Stovall Sisters - Hang on in There (3:16)
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