Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Seventeenth Ten Commandments

For the people who a darker than blue.
(OK, OK, next post is gonna be 'bout HIM -
only 10 songs??? -that's gonna be a hell of a job)
Andy Bey did 1 great album, back in 1970. Rest of his solo stuff is
-to me!!!- rather 'dull' vocal orientated jazz...sorry :-)
But with his sisters he made some nice music.
Nevertheless this one album is a true gem.
I started collecting all the Little Axe albums after hearing the Slow Fuse 2CD album and had the good fortune to see them live!
Great, great band with an unique sound!
Visit their website, see their shows and BUY their albums!
The Stereotype-song is the long version, the way it came out on LP.
A blast! (with hilarious lyrics!)
The Rick James b-side I found somewhere on the web, it's nice to hear that song in a somewhat other way than we all know it.
1. Alice Smith - Fake is the New Real (3:17)
2. Andy Bey - Tune Up (4:08)
3. Boogaloo Joe Jones - Right On (5:39)
4. Candido - Candido -Hallelujah! I'm Comin' Home (5:57)
5. Donald Byrd - Christo Redentor (5:43)
6. King Sunny Ade & His Africa - Ase (9:17)
7. Levy O'Donel - Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky (3:23)
8. Little Axe - Ride On (5:24)
9. Rick James - Super-Freak (Part 2) (3:30)
10. Specials - Stereotypes Part 1&2 (7:24)
I'm also looking out for some more versions from 'C(h)risto Redentor'.
Magnus used a sample (the choir), Duke Pearson wrote it.


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Thanks Hans, for the Vince Guaraldi - Cristo Rendentor version! E-mile

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