Saturday, December 22, 2007

30: I proudly introduce THE BONE !!!

For my 30th post I'd like to introduce to you a great little band from Italy.
They're called The Bone and they make some incredible music!

Being a big Morphine fan myself (rest in peace Mark Sandman)
I followed the musical remains through the years, The Orchestra Morphine, Twinemen and Bourbon Princess...

And a little while back I was very pleasantly surprised by this band The Bone!
They have that BIG Morphine sound (baritone sax, bass & drums) and they rock like...
hell, just listen for yourselves!
You can find more info on these guys here and visit their website here.
You can listen to their full-lenght CD HERE on E-mile says songs do the matter!

I've been in contact with them and they would be honoured to come to Holland and do a few shows, so if there's anybody out there with ideas, the right connections or otherwise, we love to hear about it!
I sincerely hope that we all can welcome them real soon!
Here's the tracklisting from the Zoo CD:

1. The Bone - Zoo Babylon (3:40)
2. The Bone - What The Hell? (4:48)
3. The Bone - Two Angels (6:14)
4. The Bone - Walking The Land (3:02)
5. The Bone - The Kite (5:25)
6. The Bone - To The Bone (4:18)
7. The Bone - Speak (5:05)
8. The Bone - Medicine (4:35)
9. The Bone - Too Soon (4:39)
10. The Bone - The Thing I Have In Mind (10:03)



jinx said...

hey there not sure if you'd be into doin this or not - but i've heard only just now - in the last few months about this band - the bones
do you think you could possible re post this album/cd or would you be into doin a trade for a rar/zip of this album/cd
pls let me know - you can contact me at my email or blogg - it's

thanks a ton

E-mile said...

well, the link has been revived...
glad I throw this dog a bone [:-)
peace, E-mile