Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Sixteenth Ten Commandments

Yes, swampfunksoul!
The great Tony Joe White, famous for the song
Pork Salad Annie of course.
In the early seventies he made a couple of GREAT records,
with an unique feel to them.
Southern, swampy, laid back but most of all: superfunky!
I gathered 10 song from these albums, go sit on your front porch,
have a listen and judge for yourself...

1. Tony Joe White - A Night In The Life Of A Swamp Fox (4:39)
2. Tony Joe White - Backwoods Preacher Man (2:44)
3. Tony Joe White - Even Trolls Love Rock and Roll (4:55)
4. Tony Joe White - My Kind Of Woman (3:46)
5. Tony Joe White - No News Is Good News (3:02)
6. Tony Joe White - Saturday Night In Oak Grove, Louisiana (2:13)
7. Tony Joe White - Soul Francisco (1:57)
8. Tony Joe White - They Caught The Devil And Put Him In Jail (3:50)
9. Tony Joe White - Voodoo Village (3:06)
10. Tony Joe White - Willie And Laura Mae Jones (4:57)

enjoy, and keep the E-mile up!


Lets Go said...

Hi e-mile
thanks for your comment.
I've been checking your blog and I must invite you to our mixtape contest. it is just for fun.
we don't have any contender from the netherlands and I think you will be a strong one.

E-mile said...