Thursday, May 29, 2008

128: Twice As Nice, part 12

Sometimes even album-covers are being "sampled"
or re-used, but that's a good thing, it keeps you alert.
And most of the times they are innocent little "inside" jokes.
A long time ago I stumbled upon a site where those examples
were collected...pity I lost that spot in my favorites map, though.
The 2 album covers here above are about what I mean.
On the other hand there are also covers of albums reworked,
they keep the original real close to them, some examples are
on the bottom pic of this twice as nice part 12.
For the songs today, however, we're stuck with some real NICE ones,
Misses Esther Phillips is ofcourse an all-time fav, and the Rhoda Scott
workout takes you 'bout everywhere a Hammond can take you...
Both Papa Was A Rolling Stone-covers keep it close to the
well-known Temptations-feel and the Neville's originated Hercules
song gets 2 rather different renderings...that Beatless version is a gem!
1. Beatless - Hercules (7:01)
2. Esther Phillips - Fever (2:49)
3. Fever Tree - Fever (3:42)
4. Nineteenth Whole - Slippin' Into Darkness (9:43)
5. Patricia Barber - Use Me (6:32)
6. Rhoda Scott - Slipping Into Darkness (18:44)
7. Sidney, George and Jackie - Papa Was A Rolling Stone (4:20)
8. Ultrafunk - Use Me (4:51)
9. Undisputed Truth - Papa Was a Rollin' Stone (3:22)
10. World Party - Hercules (3:16)

PS: answers to above are (clockwise) ofcourse:
Public Enemy,
Black Sheep,
Das EFX...

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