Saturday, May 10, 2008

113: For Trane, part 2

for today I just HAD to put out the second 10 songs
tribute 'bout the great & late John Coltrane
for your listening pleasure.
A guy named "Simon666" has done a great job collecting some
Trane-influenced songs also,
and you know how it is,
GREAT minds think alike,
so hurry over to Never-Enough-Rhodes for some
more Coltrane praise and all that jazz.
The guys he thanks there are also in my heart & ears,
so feel free to visit there,
you'll be swept away every so now and then, I'm sure!
The blog-o-spere is the best shrink ever!!!
Here's my second selection of 10 great songs,
inspired by the master himself...
1. Art Blakey - One for Trane (6:11)
2. Benny Golson & Pharaoh Sanders - Times Past
(This Is For You, John) (7:55)
3. Byard Lancaster - John's Children (6:12)
4. Clifford Jordan - John Coltrane (6:49)
5. Descendants Of Mike & Phoebe - Coltrane (4:54)
6. Ensemble Al-Salaam - Traces Of Trane (3:28)
7. Gil Scott-Heron - Trane (7:34)
8. McCoy Tyner ft. Stanley Clarke - Trane-like (9:11)
9. Naosuke Miyamoto Sextet - One For Trane (12:25)
10. Penny Goodwin - Lady Day & John Coltrane (3:49


Simon666 said...

Another great one e-mile!
Now I have to do a FOURTH Coltrane tribute comp .. or maybe we have a dance-off or something??? :)
Hey I put up a 2nd rhodes comp :

all the best,

Bonobo said...

Both links dead. Greetz, Tom

Stevie Wonder - Beyond The Sea

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!


E-mile said...


or try:

amnesia said...

Didn't want to miss this Trane!