Tuesday, May 13, 2008

115: Jungle parts 5

Today it's time for Jungle post nr. 5.
When you think it's strange I built today's pic round a car,
well, ever been stuck in traffic these days?
If you thought you missed the (obvious) original from
Kool & The Gang, here it is all the s(h)ame.
And if you thought including that song was somewhat
of a hard decision to make,
how 'bout this:
2 (TWO!) songs by Gene Ammons???
In the same lousy post?
Here's the little dilemma I was stuck with:
Gene Ammons' Jungle Strut version is 'asking'
for 2 things at the same time:
A) it's a great wah'd-out track
B) it's a great Santana cover!
So I made up my mind & present it here along
with the other Jungle-tunes all the same :-)
(speaking of Carlos Santana,
whom I've seen live at North Sea Jazz, years ago)
here's also another cover of the same song by Coco Montoya,
nicked of some "guitar greatest" Santana tribute album .
So that could count as one for the twice as nice section as well
I guess...
Before I go mentally ill or even more nutty than I already am,
with all of these choices to make,
I'll just round it up with: Axl'n'Roses say cheese!
1. Beach Boys - In The Jungle The Mighty Jungle (2:39)
2. Rakim - Concrete Jungle (4:10)
3. Coco Montoya - Jungle Strut (4:58)
4. Elephant's Memory - Jungle Gym At The Zoo (2:14)
5. Gene Ammons - Jungle Strut (5:11)
6. Gene Ammons - The Jungle Boss (5:38)
7. Hugh Masekela - Jungle Jim (4:22)
8. Jack Johnson - Jungle Gym (2:24)
9. Kool & The Gang - Jungle Boogie (3:07)
10. Richard Cheese - Welcome To The Jungle (2:41)


nikos1109 said...

Thanks for the music so far.
Keep on the great work here.

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