Monday, May 19, 2008

119: twice as nice part 10

Today another one in those twice as nice series.
The 2 Eric Burdon songs came from the same album,
a really, really enjoyable album I still like very much.
Anybody knew that a young, unknown guitarist played on it?
Called Andy Summers? In 1968 he was 'only' 25 or 26 or so.
Nine years later, in 1977 they started that "other band".
Light My Fire is ofcourse done a million times,
just as Stand By Me for that matter.
I really like the Herbie Mann version,
just listen for yerselves!
Maybe a 'bitchin' idea is to do your odd
all-Stones-version comp sometime?
1. David & Jimmy Ruffin - Stand By Me (3:49)
2. Eric Burdon and The Animals - Colored Rain (9:31)
3. Eric Burdon and The Animals - River Deep, Mountain High (7:26)
4. Gerald Wilson Orchestra - Light My Fire (5:01)
5. Goo Goo Dolls - Bitch (3:17)
6. Herbie Mann - Bitch (8:35)
7. Johnny Harris - Light My Fire (4:35)
8. NOFX - Stand By Me (3:07)
9. Pat Williams - River Deep Mountain High (4:19)
10. Traffic - Colored Rain (2:46)


Bucephallus said...

I like what you do. There are 2 categories that I think you'd enjoy for future posts:
1. " How Bad Is Your Stutter? ":
songs like shame,shame,shame or Mony Mony.
2. "Baby, baby, baby" ....songs with the word baby in the title.

E-mile said...

thanks for the inspiring thoughts:)