Tuesday, May 20, 2008

120: Flute part 2

It seems people enjoyed the first part,
so today a little follow up on those.
The second track isn't exactly 'all-flute'
but was so nice I just had to include it...
The vocals on The Sidewinder are also great,
and maybe Keef Hartley is a somewhat strange choice,
but he made some really 'out-there' music :-)
Friends of the flute, feel free to find freedom & fun,
fast forward for fine & funky flutes part 2
1. Bobbi Humphrey - Jasper Country Man (5:16)
2. Dalindèo - Leviathan (4:48)
3. Herbie Mann - Memphis Underground (2:54)
4. JD & The Evil's Dynamite Band - Backwards Intentions (4:52)
5. Jimmy Heath - In A Sentimental Mood (5:08)
6. Keef Hartley Band - Nicturns (2:03)
7. Lorenzo Holden - Sundance (Pt.1) (2:14)
8. Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers - Hard Hat (3:08)
9. Tamiko Jones With Herbie Mann - The Sidewinder (2:20)
10. Whitefield Brothers - The Bastard (3:06)


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