Thursday, May 22, 2008

122: twice as nice part 11

today (indeed) another part of the twice as nice version fiesta!
To me the Sunny done by James Brown is one of the best ever,
even in that new remixed version...
I saw the Soledad Brothers live once,
they sounded somewhat how (probably) the Rolling Stones
did in their early years:
raw, fat soulful rhythm 'n' blues with
bits of old-fashioned garage-trash along the way.
Their sax player stole the show that night (for me!)
We became pretty drunk also, in short:
check out their live album for a taste of that...
(yet even better: catch them live :-)
1. Chairmen Of The Board - Come Together (3:49)
2. Chairmen Of The Board - My Way (3:57)
3. Dells - Ain't No Sunshine (4:40)
4. Ellen McIlwaine - Higher Ground (3:45)
5. Marcus Miller - Higher Ground (5:10)
6. Mary Wells - Sunny (2:44)
7. Maxine Weldon - My Way (4:04)
8. Soledad Brothers - Ain't No Sunshine (4:06)
9. Willy Crook - Come Together (4:53)
10. Young Holt Trio - Sunny (3:37)

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