Sunday, February 17, 2008

75: Parrrty!

After adding another year (with it's ups & downs) to my life
I feel like I can "get away" with just anything :-)
I mean, today I'm not feeling the need for a theme or stuff like that,
I'm just celebrating great tunes and feel-good music.
So, I suggest you DL this selection, grab a beer, or light a spliff,
(do both?)
put these 10 songs on real LOUD and party for nearly an hour!
(or you might vacuum the whole place while you're at it, I don't care)
Point is, please enjoy this and hopefully I'm off for another great year...
1. Club Bangahs - Drop Dem Draws (3:13)
2. Earl Zinger - Galaxy (4:25)
3. F.B.I. - Keep On Running (9:17)
4. Galactic - Love On The Run (5:45)
5. Hazy Malaze - Hookin Up & Checkin In (4:33)
6. Houston Person - I No Get Eye For Back (11:22)
7. Juju Orchestra - What Is Hip ft. Carolyn Leon & Terry Callier (4:54)
8. Mardi Gras.BB - Funkin' Up Your Mardi Gras (3:10)
9. Nina Simone - Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter (5:19)
10. Rockers Hi-Fi - Transmission Central (4:41)

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