Thursday, February 14, 2008

73: Jungle. part 1

Today some songs about the jungle(s) that surrounds us.
Some jungle(s) feel quite comfortable,
some feel like they're killing us,
but all these songs in some way reveal that "universal" jungle(s).
I'm sure some more jungle-posts will shine a much brighter light
on those "jungle" feelings all together.
It's a jungle out there, no doubt,
but we all have to get our own piece of peace in that,
so let's hear it for the first 10 (jungle) songs...
1. 24-7 Spyz - Jungle Boogie (3:34)
2. Blackalicious - Deep In The Jungle (6:46)
3. Charlie Mariano - Electric Funk Jungle (6:11)
4. Clearlight - Jungle Bubbles (2:42)
5. Irvine Weldon - Jungle Juice (8:13)
6. John Scofield - Jungle Fiction (5:38)
7. Lee Perry - Jungle Fever (2:21)
8. Mandingo - King Of The jungle (2:59)
9. Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Jungle Suite (1:56)
10. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Jungle Man (4:07)

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Soul Diggs said...

yo e-mile please dig in regarding that mickey and the soul generation just let people know where you got it
love the blog keep up the good work and i will have to come dig when i got more time