Monday, February 11, 2008

72: Assorted Drugs And Other Stuff pt.2

I kicked the habit, sure, though some other vices
are probably too sweet to quit...
So now we're stuck here with another 10 songs bout drugs,
for good or for bad, pro or contra,
or for that matter, in or out of rehab :-)
1. Atlee Yeager - Wake Me Mama (4:11)
2. Ben Harper - The Drugs Don't Work (4:37)
3. Drive-By Truckers - You And Your Crystal Meth (2:19)
4. James Brown - Let's Go Get Stoned (2:44)
5. Joe South - Coming Down All Alone (4:14)
6. John Butler Trio - Used To Get High (4:27)
7. John Fitch & Associates - Stoned Out Of It (2:24)
8. Mfalme - Junk Man (dealing in junk) (4:12)
9. Neil Young - The Needle And The Damage Done (3:55)
10. Rolling Stones - Hot Stuff (5:22)


ish said...

Hey I was just browsing around at your really cool compilations again. I had just built a "drug songs" playlist on my iTunes, so interesting to see yours. Here's my current favorite drug song, it's a David Axelrod production of Miriam Makeba. Hope you like it. My playlist has a few Gil Scott-Herong songs ("the other side"), Shirley Horn ("consequences of a drug addoct role") and two versions of the song I'm sending you. Here, enjoy!

E-mile said...

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