Saturday, February 9, 2008

71: wah-wah chronicles pt.7

Today part 7 of the (never ending?) wah-wah chronicles.
It's a rather funky bunch, so enjoy this for your weekend!
1. Andre Williams - It's Gonna Be Fine In '69 (2:51)
2. Animal Liberation Orchestra - Natural Gas (4:03)
3. Chico Science & Nação Zumbi - Sobremesa (4:00)
4. Cougars - Right On (2:50)
5. Dennis Coffey & The Detroit Guitar Band - Guitar Big Band (3:26)
6. Labelle - Too Many Days (3:00)
7. Neal Creque - Rafiki (4:56)
8. Papa Grows Funk - Say B'uh (I Jus' Playin) (5:04)
9. Ram - Love Is The Answer (2:40)
10. Sarah Webster Fabio - Jujus -Alchemy of the Blues (Instr) (5:11)


Helmut said...

you are doing a great job, collecting all these wahwah-tunes, maybe you could do this also with hammond-organ dominated tracks?

E-mile said...

hi helmut,
a great idea, plenty of possibilities indeed!
I'm also thinking of baritone sax
and or songs with lyrics no one can understand.
I can recommend Johhny Hammond Smith, Larry Young, Brother Jack McDuff, Jimmy Smith, Lonnie Smith and countles other "cats on the big groover"

Vincent the Soul Chef said...

I admit, I don't come around here as often as I should. Since I gave Bessie her cleansing, I lost all of my RSS feeds. I am restoring them a few at a time.
You run a pretty tight ship here. Good selection... I agree with helmut, I am toying with an all hammond mix as well as a mix of funky instros with really large horn sections. The possibilities are indeed endless.
Keep up the good work...

Peace and blessings.