Monday, November 19, 2007

The Third Ten Commandments

A yet wider variety this third time around,
with a few of that funky stuff and a few that creep a little further.

Listen for yourselves...

The one's that you could explore more
(dig deeper into) are:

all of the TRIBE records
have I mentioned the fact I "collect" (all) versions of the song
a song that must be covered like a million times or so...

If you know one, I'm always glad to hear about it!
The more obscure, intense, farfetched or
simply beautifully heartfelt the better ofcourse :-)
I'll sneak a few versions of them so now and again in my beautiful 10!
1. Art Jackson's Atrocity - Available Bush (7:11)
2. Charlie Musselwhite - Christo Redentor (3:21)
3. Darondo - Let My People Go (3:58)
4. Howlin' Wolf - Spoonful (3:50)
5. K-0s - Crabbuckit (3:45)
6. Lonnie Smith - Afrodesia (9:23)
7. Roland Young - Row Land (7:37)
8. Santo & Johnny - Summertime (2:49)
9. Wendell Harrison & Tribe - Farewell To Welfare Pts 1 & 2 (3:12)
10. Wild Magnolias - Ho Na Nae (4:33)

enjoy & keep the E-mile up.
for now, swing low and move your hips!

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Anonymous said...

The first track rocks, who are they?

E-mile says songs do the matter said...

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