Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Fifth Ten Commandments

For this one I stumbled upon a few gems in my collection I'm sure I couldn't live without, even in my next lifetime...or the one after that :-)
I know 'commandments' sound a bit biblical, but everyone's gotta live by some 'rules' I guess.
Mine are quite simple: when it's good, it's good.
My ears recieve, my mind divides, my body reacts, and those 3 leave me just where the music wants me to be: in the right place! (but, yeah, maybe in the wrong time...)

Anyways, here's another 10 (great) songs, including some early work of Fatboy Slim, the unforgettable sounds of Mark Sandman & Co., a little X-files theme I put in there with MC 900 FT Jesus myself and a great Michael Jackson work out...

Please buy all the Morphine albums you can get your hands on,
they are all GOOD, oh YES, they are a CURE FOR PAIN :-)

here's the tracklisting, so you'll be a little prepared for what's here to hear:

1. Earl Gaines - hymn n°5 (3:21)
2. Freddie King - San-Ho-Zay (2:33)
3. Fried Funk Food - Freak Of Da Week (6:41)
4. MC 900 Ft Jesus - Killer Inside Me (4:10)
5. Morphine - thursday (3:26)
6. Nine - famaldahyde (4:15)
7. Ray-O-Vacs- besame mucho (2:49)
8. Roberta Flack - Go Up Moses (5:23)
9. Senor Coconut - BEAT IT (Merengue) (3:55)
10. Zita Swoon - Hot Hotter Hottest (4:47)

enjoy and keep the E-mile up!

E-mile's 5th commandment (RS)


Anonymous said...

Hello E-mile
Thank You For your compilations
This link is broken, the 4th & 6th'too

E-mile said...

hi Victor, will repair asap nr 4,5 & 6... check the new RS links as they appear :-)
thanks for letting me know,
peace, E-mile