Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Second Ten Commandments

A wider variety this second time around,
but still plenty of funky stuff!
Listen for yourselves...

The one's that you could explore more
(dig deeper into)
are Olu Dara & the solid Dr.John.
1. Afrique - House Of Rising Funk (3:12)
2. Dr.John - litanie des saints (4:43)
3. Fat Freddy's Drop - Midnight marauders (6:41)
4. Harvey Mandel - Cristo Redentor (3:48)
5. Lewis Taylor - stoned part I (4:51)
6. Olu Dara - herbman (4:44)
7. Recoil - Prey (8:19)
8. Scotty- Draw Your Brakes (3:16)
9. Society's Bag - Let It Crawl (2:34)
10. Wolfgang Dauner - Just Bring It On (4:18)

enjoy & keep the E-mile up.

for now,

swing low and move your hips!


Lucky said...

Hi, E-Mail.

Good luck with your new blogbaby!

When I read the description "The blog where you can (only) find 10 (great) songs at a time..." and looked at your 2 posts so far - I instantly thought "I already found 20 - so what?" ;)

I love Olu Dara, and not only as cornetist in David Murray's Octet, Henry Threadgill's group or in Conjure (that's where he first sang, I think...), but also as guitar player and singer.

I bought his 2 solo albums (at least the first two, maybe he made a third after...), and I love them. Went to see him live, and he was very laidback and great! But I have to admit, I prefer the music of Murray and Threadgill.

Now, you want to make it funky here, it seems... I'm curious (although I'm not that surprised about your list of Jazz, Soul, Funk, Fusion, Prog, R&B, Reggeae, Blues - the usual suspects, and above all - you miswrote "Reggae" a bit... ;) ...).


E-mile said...

hi Lucky,

I fixed my poor spelling, and am glad to hear you know the Conjure albums! great stuff!

and yes, I have a lotta usual suspects, but they are not 'guilty till proven otherwise'..

can I humour you with a few (all!) of my Zony Mash - Pig Pen records?
I don't even WANT TO look them up on e-bay :-)

Lucky said...

E-Mile - oh, I hope my description "usual suspects" didn't sound too rude, I didn't meant it that way, and of course you're right - you do what you make, and we'll see what we'll hear...

But your blog description still leaves me puzzled: I already FIND 30 songs, but your sentence says one will only find 10 songs at a time - I think you mean you will issue only 10 songs per post, right? Something like:

"The blog where you can (only) find 10 (great) songs per post... but..." - or shorter: "You will only find 10 songs per post... but..."

Don't heard much of Zony Mash, and only have one Pigpen (which I posted on avantrecords.blogspot, my other blog baby - with only Avant Records releases) - I'm curious...

Cheers, Lucky

Lucky said...

P.S.: I see you're linking to the Call it Anything blog. I read many times, that they don't want to be linked from others, so maybe you want to make sure, if it's okay - just a suggestion, no rule from me! :D

E-mile says songs do the matter said...

HI Lucky,

I personally asked Rab Hines if I could do so, and he said that it would be aprreciated, so I don't think I've got a problem there :-)
That is also why I asked you, before I link a GREAT blog, I try to get a personal approval FIRST! (to leave out any misunderstandings)

In return to your previous mail, I can laugh with the "usual suspects-thing" I know summing up those genres is a bit silly...

(maybe I'll change it one of these days)

...and you're right, I only leave 10 songs at a time, (per post) to be helps me to re-discover my own collection and a roundabout of 40 to 50 minutes of music is -I think- just enough time to keep one's attention focussed...
If one's is about to consider downloading my 10 songs, that is ofcourse...

And also, like you said, "my blogbaby" is still very young, any suggestions, recommendations, corrections even (reggeae!!!)
are much appreciated!

About Zony Mash (the rocking outfit of Wayne Horvitz) and Pig Pen (more avant garde), I don't know if they are available (for sale) these days, I've noticed that you removed all "in-print" music from Mr. Lucky, well, what can I say, I just LOVE these records,
bought them back in the day, 'cause when I'm "on to" an artist I used to collect every little bit ...
(If you want I can give you an overview of the records I have in my
collection and eventually put a rip of it out there for you on RS...)

That's a little different now, as I said in my blog, I don't work in a recordshop any more (went downhill cause of the "modern times, I guess) and my purchases of records I like have significantly de-creased....
Also the input customers brouht to me is gone, and maybe "blogworld" is a way for me to re-invent new and old music...
I dunno...
Guess I'm a music junkie :-)

Still I own an amazingly broad music collection myself (ofcourse) but the internet and it's blogs helped me to
explore my musical horizon even more (and sometimes left me plain crazy, shouting out: I love this shit!)

Note: I noticed that my Evan Lurie-pieces for bandoneon almost reached up to be downloaded over a 100 times,
the minute I brought you these roses... guess many people read your blog?! (and were curious bout this CD)
I checked briefly on e-bay, couldn't find any prices (none for sale?!) but I guess this disc is worth a small fortune today?

please stay in touch, let me know about the ZM & PP albums,

kind regards,

Lucky said...

about the blog-linking: just thought i tell you, before there is "evil blood" (a german proverb). :)

i'd like to hear some other work of pigpen, thx for the offer.

about the dl - good and rare things are thought after.