Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Seventh Ten Commandments


Another 10 (very different) songs to keep you awake, to put you to sleep,

to totally rock ya minds or maybe just to make you wonder...

But they do the matter.

An instrumental version of Summertime included, one that brought all kinds of

muscular movements to my face, never knew I had that many muscles up there!

I just HAD to put a little gospel in there too, since this is the 7th one...

(but luckily I'm not the 7th son) along with something that reminded me

of the great Soft Machine 7 album.

(sadly the Viola Crayola only made 1 album).

And if you like that LONG song (from the trombone-man), don't hesitate for

a minute and buy that ECM album straightaway!

here's the tracklisting for this one:

1. Cedric 'Im Brooks - Satta - Masa - Ganna (7:10)

2. Earl Hines & Budd Johnson - Summertime (5:46)

3. Julian Priester - Prologue/Love, Love (19:22)

4. Nicole Willis - Gonna Get Yours (2:39)

5. Odetta & Holmes Brothers - 2 Little Fishes & Five Loaves (3:21)

6. Raconteurs - Blue Veins (4:03)

7. Viola Crayola - Mr Leroy, Pepe Is Lost (4:27)

8. Wah Wah Watson - Goo Goo Wah Wah (5:42)

9. William S. Fischer- Patience Is Virtue (4:49)

10. Zeph and Azeem - Play the Drum (3:59)

enjoy, and keep the E-mile up!


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