Sunday, August 31, 2008

177: another dirty dozen...done twice :-)

Today the cover-squad hits town again!
A dozen songs done twice, spawning from all regions of
within the musical spectrum so to say...
I'm often pleasantly surprized how well it works if you
make a mix purely based on it's alphabetical order;
but, this only does -without saying- it's magic when
you've got the RIGHT ingredients :-)
Be asured, this is one tasty mix I brewed together,
with the help from all my hardworking sous-chefs
whom I'm paying way too less attention, kudos or even respect,
I know...
Anywho, a few favourites de moi get some more airplay today,
even caught on to the Sly-thing from the other day :-)
hope you all like em again,
and am wondering how many of you people survived
the mentally-maniac-madman-mix from post nr. 173?
(no comments, reassuring words, invitations for self-help groups, public health
warnings, not even the occasional lawsuit or whatsoever?!?)
Well, I guess it's a minor thing all the same,
let's have it now for the dirty dozen:

1. Apollo 100 ft. Tom Parker - Besame Mucho (2:35)
2. Blue Mitchell - Killing Me Softly With His Song (2:57)
3. Bobbi Humphrey - Ain't No Sunshine (2:31)
4. Cal Tjader - Evil Ways (3:06)
5. Chairmen Of The Board - Feeling Alright (3:43)
6. Charles Wright & Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band
- Everyday People (2:31)
7. Chosen Few - People Make The World Go Round (3:20)
8. Deep Rumba - Besame Mucho (1:40)
9. Delroy Wilson - Get Ready (12 Inch Mix) (5:37)
10. Ella Fitzgerald - Get Ready (2:34)
11. Elvin Jones - Feelin' Good (4:08)
12. Ernie Smith - Killing Me Softly (3:57)
13. Gow Dow Experience - Compared To What [Bonus Version] (4:19)
14. Herbie Mann - Feeling Good (3:27)
15. Jaco Pastorius - Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (5:39)
16. James Last - Everyday People (3:14)
17. Julius Brockington - Rock Steady (3:35)
18. Ken Boothe - Ain't No Sunshine (2:11)
19. Marc Johnson & Toots Thielemans - Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (5:05)
20. Marvells - Rock Steady (3:06)
21. Ohio Players - Feelin' Alright (3:12)
22. Shirley Scott - People Make The World Go 'Round (4:59)
23. Stanley Turrentine - Evil Ways (4:37)
24. Sweetwater - Compared To What (6:49)


Reza said...

Wow this is so good , couldnt believe how great Chairman of The Board sound still
Thanks Emile , hope alls ok with you :)

cheeba said...

Now this is a treat! Great selection. I just have one problem...

how the heck am I supposed to catch up on your deep back catalogue of killer comps when you keep putting up new ones all the time!


Bonobo said...

This is wonderful, thank you!

Bonobo said...

And, BTW, same problem here as cheeba ;-)

jazzobsessive said...

This looks good.....


E-mile said...