Sunday, August 24, 2008

175: DRUGS, part 4

Today you can get your fix with a huge,
new batch of "those" songs (again).
The immortal Spoonfull kicks in 2 times,
the JBU version is a live one, very nice!
The one here that made me smile big time,
was the ultra short, ultra strange one by the Fugs...
Again I thank all the wonderful people out there,
without whoms concern this druggy doing couldn't be possible!
You know who you are :-)
Dig In & Enjoy!
1. Ballin'Jack - Big Dealer (3:52)
2. Bo Diddley - Stop The Pusher (5:12)
3. Brothers Unlimited - Spoonfull (3:31)
4. Del Jones - Cold Turkey (9:50)
5. Drugs - Strung Out (3:14)
6. Focus - Happy Nightmare (Mescaline) (4:00)
7. Fred Neil - Sweet Cocaine (2:03)
8. Fugs - Marijuana (1:40)
9. Horace Silver - Acid, Pot Or Pills (4:24)
10. James Blood Ulmer - Spoonfull (2:58)
11. Janko Nilovic - Drug Song (3:11)
12. Kevin Ayers - Beware of the Dog (1:21)
13. Leeroy Stagger - Tired Of Being High (7:32)
14. Love Peace & Happiness -
Don’t Blame The Young Folks (For The Drug Society) (3:16)
15. New Violin Summit - Valium (10:33)
16. Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass -
Stoned Cockattoo (3:23)
17. Rhythm Machine - The Kick (6:30)
18. Roland Vincent - L.S.D. Partie (2:59)
19. Sioen - I Need A Drug (4:01)
20. Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet - Morphine (7:53)


hookfinger said...

E- your lists are always fun, controversial or silly, they always make me smile. i am glad you find this therapeutic. I hope you need to for some time to come. LOL! Thanks!!!

E-mile said...

thank you, yes I like 'm to be fun, controversial or silly...
and don't forget beautiful too,
sometimes :-)
peace, E-mile

Kevin said...

Hey e-mile:

I love your various themes, especially this one and wah-wah. I did a short themed mix on drugs a long time ago. It was within a couple months of starting my blog and it featured songs such as Jolie Holland "Old Fashioned Morphine" and Velvet Underground "Heroin" to name a few. It shows that you put in some serious time to compile these mixes.

I've recently made three posts on Eclectic Grooves. Hope you have a chance to stop by.

Best, Kevin

cheeba said...

Dude. Awesome. Just going through this theme now too. I've been putting off the wah wah stuff until I can properly listen but kevin's comments above make me wanna dive in sooner!

BTW, check tomorrow's post, you may get some new ammo for this series ;-)

E-mile said...

new recipe, fresh link... drugs 4.rar