Monday, August 11, 2008

170: Shaft...for Mr. Isaac Hayes

Was planning to do the cover versions for 'Shaft'
for quite some time, for only this morning I read the
sad news mr. Isaac Hayes has passed away...
So today a tribute to the black moses of soul,
a tribute to the song he was probably most famous for.
May he rest in peace and may his music live on forever.
1. Barry White - Shaft (4:36)
2. Bernard "Pretty" Purdie - Theme from Shaft (5:55)
3. Chosen Few - Shaft (3:35)
4. Jamaica's Groove Band - Shaft (3:26)
5. Joe Bataan - Shaft (5:54)
6. Lloyd Charmers - Shaft (4:36)
7. Malik Adouane - Shaft (3:02)
8. Maynard Ferguson - Theme From Shaft (4:50)
9. Monty Alexander - Shaft (8:19)
10. Paulo Gonzo - Shaft (1:50)
11. Prince Buster All Stars - Shaft (2:28)
12. Sammy Davis Jr. - Shaft (3:59)
13. Van Twist - Shaft (6:14)
14. Ventures - Theme From Shaft (2:54)


S. said...

hi e-mile! of course you can link me, thanks :))

Anonymous said...

Thanks Emil ... Van Twist and Sammy Davis did indeed record super versions ... My favourites are the steel band versionS, though, and the ones by Cabaret Voltaire and Enoch Light. And the Button Down Brass Band, obviously. One that I'm curious for, is the one by Eddy & the Soul Band ... is that any good ?

Hey but the best remake is of course by Isaac Hayes (RIP) himself, "Shaft II", off "For The Sake Of Love" (1978) !

Charlotte & Co said...

Hello !
Excuse me but i don't speak very well , i m a french man .
There are Shaft of Kashemer Stage Band .

Simon666 said...

Hi E-mile,
if you get to a part two of this :

Version of "Shaft" on Profile - (1973) 'Sands Of Time', just donated to the Encounter Records discography in this post

E-mile said...

thanks for the tip Simon!
will check asap :-)
peace, E-mile

Simon666 said...

Enoch Light version can be found here.

Variations on the main theme can be found in Johnny Pate's soundtrack for episode 2 of the Shaft TV series here

Ángel Ángel said...

Hi, E-mile. Link is dead, please re-up.

Thank you so much.

E-mile said...