Saturday, August 16, 2008

173: e-mile says cut'n'paste do the matter sometimes too....

Be warned, today I picked up my nerves and bring
you a little something I "made" myself, using Audition, my
vast collection of CD's and LP's and my tormented (musical)
imagination, all dating from a little less than 3 years ago...
I was a, how shall I call this,
let's say, at an emotional all-time low, due to personal
problems, dealing with a lot of shit going on in my life.
At the time I felt the only thing I had left for me was MUSIC, my
precious music and my (just as precious) big ears that told my
brain (what was left of it anyways) to DO something with that...
Let's put is this way: if I hadn't put in the hours doing
what you all can hear here (if you want to, that is) I'd gone
completely Rambo, Nuts or even WW4 for that matter...
So, yeah it's all therapeutical I guess :-)
But not to worry THAT much, I found comfort in doing what I did,
it dragged me, myself & I through a really bad time,
and listening it back for the whole 46:15 minutes,
it wasn't too big of a joke... (to me!)
For all of you who don't know me (besides the blog-thing)
it's a nice way to get aquainted a little bit better,
-if that's the word for it-
and I'm sure the mix has it's moments (at sometimes!)
if the above explaines the pains a bit, well, it was for the best,
enjoy the rest and be sure I'll be back to my usual self next time!
(be adventurous and...)


AmBrOsE said...

Hi there, great blog!!
Of course you can link my blog, i will do the same to yours!!!!
Hope you enjoyed the scott bradford!!!

Anonymous said...

just lookin back at your blog gives me some music and some hope for my own life challenges, the music helps in unknown ways

keep on hittin you never know who it gets to