Thursday, August 21, 2008

174: to cat or not to cat...

Today 2 pictures of our oldest one, Pinch,
running in & around the house for 19 years !
He's a great old fellow, missing some teeth, needs special food,
isn't too comfortable on the cat-bin anymore
(hey fellas, he'a getting o-l-d)
but he's still one hell of a cat!
These cat-related songs are however not for him,
but they are for your listening pleasure...
Sure they have a "cattish" theme, but that's not all,
it's a diverse musical trip too :-)
1. Calvin Owens Show - The Cat (2:21)
2. Gene Ammons - The Black Cat (5:36)
3. Harmony Cats - Cats Theme (4:55)
4. James Knight & The Butlers - Funky Cat (4:13)
5. Jethro Tull - Cat's Squirrel (5:39)
6. Lemongrass - Fritz The Cat (4:14)
7. Luke Doucet - The Lovecats (3:41)
8. Memphis Slim & Canned Heat - Black Cat Cross My Trail (3:03)
9. Pepe Deluxe' - Pussy Cat Rock (2:21)
10. Sheila Wilkerson - Baby You're A Jive Cat (2:18)
Here you can DL a little "American Funniest Home Videos"
cat-compilation, that even made me smile a couple of times...
(music courtesy of the President Of The United States Of America)


Anonymous said...

Vett veell respectt Emiell !

cheeba said...

LOL! Grabbed this one for my wife who is inches away from being a crazy cat lady.