Monday, August 4, 2008

169: Jungle, part 6

Today part 6 of the "jungle" song posts.
Another wide variety in music here,
from fuzzed out blues-rock to jazzed out sounds,
from funky grooves to african beats and back.
I must thank all the people out there in the blog-o-jungle,
without whom this post wouldn't have been possible...
you know who you are :-)
1. Cleveland Robinson - Jungle Dollar (3:27)
2. Cosmic Travelers - Jungle Juice (3:40)
3. Gene Page - Jungle Eyes (4:42)
4. Horace Silver - Jungle Juice (6:46)
5. Kongas - Jungle (5:55)
6. Lions - Jungle Struttin' (4:38)
7. Max Roach - Rumble In The Jungle (7:18)
8. Passions - Jungle Drums (2:29)
9. Young Senators - Jungle (3:09)
10. Yusef Lateef - Jungle Plum (4:37)


Dr. Johnny Fever said...

What's up E-mile? Read your comment and thought I'd drop by to say hey. I have Gabor the sorcerer and love it but am trying to stay away from the stuff still in print on cd. I don't want to ruffle any corporate feathers out there, you know. I'd be curious as to what else you do have from Gabor though.

Feeling the jungle mix, keep up the good work!!

Peace..........Dr. Fever

Danny said...

Who Make Jungle Picture I like ?

E-mile said...

danny: photoshopped it myself together from 2 or 3 different pics found on google image search..
not my own, though the editing makes it a bit :-)

Danny said...

Thank you great artist