Sunday, June 15, 2008

141: Some Sunday's Sweets

Today it's a beautiful Sunday.
Over here in Holland (and in lotsa other countries)
it's also "Father's Day". For me it means that
my girlfriend's daughters will make us breakfast in bed
and then it's off to the ususal :-)
Being (or rather: since I became?) a bit of a "bloggie"
(is that a word???)
it will come down to today's theme: it's Sunday again!
So relax & chill or go completely nuts if you will,
but remember to enjoy the music while you're at it.
Have fun with these Sunday-songs.
1. Arcesia - Rainy Sunday (3:29)
2. Bobbie Gentry - Sunday Best (2:46)
3. Denny King - Sunday Driver (2:55)
4. Duke Robillard - Sunday Mornin' (5:15)
5. Ernie Smith - Sunday Morning (4:07)
6. JD & The Evil's Dynamite Band - Sunday Kind Of Love (2:47)
7. Johnny "Hammond" Smith - Blues On Sunday (5:14)
8. Maxine Weldon - I Want Sunday Back Again (2:45)
9. Millie - Sunday Morning (2:54)
10. Nate Morgan - Come Sunday (8:46)


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