Sunday, June 8, 2008

134: Harlem Nocturne, part 3

Yes, today a part 3 to the immortal Harlem Nocturne theme!
Finally a version WITH vocals, though I'm not sure if they're
the "original" so to say...the lyrics are by Lena Schwarz and the
song can be found on THIS album. It's all a bit Kurt Weil-ish,
even a Tom Waits song in German...
Totally unexpected I had a nice conversation at my local
public library with a very pleasent peasant the other day
and all of a sudden we talked about the great & late Barney Wilen,
it appeared he spend almost 10 years working on a
Barney Wilen "story & discography"!
Check those pages HERE.
We also found out we had a shared interest in
comics by french artist Loustal...
Barney Wilen's LP "La Notte Bleue" 1987 is in
fact the soundtrack to that comic!
Sweet too!
Also rather sweet is version number nine here,
a great skankin tune, welcome to the Jamaican side of Harlem :-)
It was a great week for me,
bought a new David Murray album "Real Deal" (1992!)
and a friend of mine lend me the great
"Ballads For Bass Clarinet" (1993!)
which he had bought the other day...
both of them TOTALLY new to me!
Sweet too, part 3!
But without further ado, here's the Harlem Nocturne Part 3.
1. Barney Wilen - Harlem Nocturne (4:11)
2. Boots Randolph - Harlem Nocturne (3:15)
3. Charlie Barnet - Harlem Nocturne (3:06)
4. Chuck Rainey - Harlem Nocturne / Zenzile (5:25)
5. Georgette Dee & Terry Truck - Harlem Nocturne (4:10)
6. Jack Costanzo - Harlem Nocturne (3:09)
7. Louis Prima & Sam Butera - Harlem Nocturne (2:40)
8. New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble - Harlem Nocturne (2:50)
9. Norrie Paramor - Harlem Nocturne (4:05)
10. Sil Austin - Harlem Nocturne (2:49)

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Sax Mann said...

could you have a post of Beatles covers? I would like to request Yusef Lateef's cover of Hey Jude.