Wednesday, June 11, 2008

137: Ode To Billie Joe, part 5

What can I say this time?
That Tjader's version is, well,
one of my LEAST favorite versions?
That Curtis seems to use a wah-wah on the live track here?
That there are some nice funkafied tunes today also?
I dunno, I could mention all those things,
but I'll stick to saying: jus lissen up & enjoy.
1. Cal Tjader - Ode To Billie Joe (3:06)
2. Ebony Rhythm Band - Ode To Billy Joe (4:52)
3. Fausto Papetti - Ode To Billie Joe (2:49)
4. Fifth Dimension - Ode To Billy Joe (6:36)
5. Gene Harris - Ode To Billy Joe (8:14)
6. Joe Beck & Ali Ryerson - Ode To Billie Joe (4:37)
7. King Curtis - Ode To Billie Joe (live) (3:24)
8. Mighty Flea - Ode To Billy Joe Pt.1 (2:47)
9. Roger Coulam - Ode To Billie Joe (3:23)
10. Sonny Criss - Ode To Billie Joe (6:09)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for collecting all these versions of an endlessly fascinating song. As eolake has pointed out in his blog, the Danish post-punk avant gardish rock band Sort Sol (Black Sun) did a very goth version awash in electric guitars in the mid-80s - it just builds and builds and sort of grows on you after a while. Eolake has a link to that version on his blog: Again thanks!

E-mile said...

anonymous, thanks, I found even some more versions, coming soon...
peace, E-mile