Thursday, June 12, 2008

139: M.O.N.E.Y.

Money, green, bread, or cash....
Dollars, Euro's, Yens or Pounds...
Credits & Debts, one thing is for sure:
we got 10 winners here,
dealing with all kindsof currency,
most of them so funky you end up
in the pawnshop to get them back!
Both the Allen Toussaint and the Hummingbird
songs have GREAT wah-wah's in them,
C-Mon & Kypski are a Dutch Duo with great
musical skills, check 'm out HERE.
Though their first 3 albums aren't on their site anymore,
those are totally worth checking out :-)
I'm not rewarding interest on the 10 songs here,
I'll advice you to just get 'em in your port-folio
and remember: don't spend it all in one place!
Have fun.
1. Allen Toussaint - Viva La Money (3:34)
2. Aretha Franklin - Money Won't Change You (2:08)
3. Boscoe - Money Won't Save You (3:40)
4. C-Mon & Kypski - Money Money (4:41)
5. Don Covay - Money (That's What I Want) (2:59)
6. Hummingbird - You Can Keep The Money (3:14)
7. Roland Kirk - Dirty Money Blues (3:44)
8. Third Generation Band - Because Of Money (5:54)
9. Tramp - Funky Money (5:46)
10. Young-Holt Unlimited -
Ain't There Something Money Can't Buy (2:51)

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Dr. Johnny Fever said...

Hey E-mile, thanks for stopping by and checkin' me out. Of course you can put a link up, no prob. I really like the concept behind your blog. I'll definitely be back. By the way, liked the "Ode to Billy Joe" comp, it's just missing the Lou Donaldson cover available here from My Favourite Sound(, If you haven't heard it, its a goodie. Keep an eye on my blog I have some nice things coming up. Peace.......djf