Saturday, June 7, 2008

133: Blues For Youz...

Today we can enjoy the first guest post
on E-mile Says Songs Do The Matter!
Dieter from Vancouver, Canada was searching for a
Duke Pearson song and this way he landed over here.
He was also responsible for the great David Fathead Newman
version of Christo Redentor a few posts back!
It is said, that one good thing often leads to another.
Some time ago, I was searching the internet for
a jazz track by Duke Pearson that has blown me away
when I heard it played on an FM radio station.
Not only did I find that track,
I also found 9 other terrific Duke Pearson
compositions, taken from 6 of his albums.
And the cherry on top was learning that Duke Pearson
had written one of my favourite songs – Christo Redentor !

Amazingly, it was all a gift, from the author of this blog.
Pretty neat wouldn’t you say, that someone would go to all the way
in effort to freely share one’s passion for music with others?
So there’s your good thing.
So does it lead to another?
You’ll have to judge that for yourself.
Now that I’m finished puttin’ together these blues,
I gotta go cruise ‘em away.
1. Charles Fambrough - Blues For Bu (13:36)
2. Henry Butler - Blue Moments (5:06)
3. Dusko Goykovich - Blues Valse (4:24)
4. Jimmy Forrest - Bolo Blues (4:09)
5. Mark Whitfield - The Blues, From Way Back (7:27)
6. Tom Waits - Fumblin' With The Blues (3:02)
7. Kenny Burrell - Montyo Blues (4:47)
8. Devin Phillips - My Woman's Blue's (3:44)
9. Holly Cole - Hum Drum Blues (5:37)
10. Bobby "Blue" Bland - Blues in the Night (3:33)


Bonobo said...

ifile = all dead

E-mile said...

[sigh] re-upped:

jus'kiddin, I'm one big [:-)

Bonobo said...

E-mile, E-mile, E-mile, you're doing all this just for me, so it seems to me. I am humbled.

Thank you.