Tuesday, June 3, 2008

130: How To Hammond...


How to Hammond, indeed!
10 great groovers built around the solid B-3 organs...
Aaah, those Leslie-speakers goin' round & round :-)
Lotsa well-known cats here, Jimmy McGriff will be missed,
I hope his and all the other great players' legacy
will continue, day after day, year after year...
Let's get hooked on the holy Hammond & have fun!
1. Big Boss Man - Oh My Gawd (4:43)
2. Billy Larkin And The Delegates - The Pig (3:07)
3. Gene Ludwig - Sticks & Stones (Pt.1) (2:16)
4. James Taylor Quartet - Man From The Moon (4:55)
5. Jimmy McGriff - Tapioca (6:06)
6. Jimmy Smith - Pipeline (7:59)
7. Keef Hartley Band - Tadpole (7:04)
8. Leon Ferguson & The Groove Tones - Stokin' (4:43)
9. Link Quartet - Move Move Move (3:04)
10. Richard "Groove" Holmes - Tobacco Road (3:28)


Chavi said...

Great work.

Andy said...

Yes,thanks for all 3 parts of this great hammond extravaganza.I will be having a B3 bonanza on George Jazz very soon,would you like a link?

E-mile said...

Sure, B3 me up!
thanks for your interest & keep on the lookout for part 4, that's gonna be another real killer [:-)
peace, E-mile

E-mile said...


Kovina Kris said...

The post that started it all in the Hammond B-3 vein. Started modestly with just 10 cuts, eh? Of course Jimmy Smith had to get a slot along with "Groove" Holmes and others but there's several here I hadn't heard of too. Time to spin it! Thank you very much E-Mile!