Wednesday, March 26, 2008

93: Ghetto part 5

Today a (quite mixed) bunch "ghetto-stories"...
First of all, don't get me wrong, it's sad they exist!
As I was searching the www for some "visual aid"
the sheer sadness of those places hit me...
I myself used to live in a real bad neighboorhood for 8 years
(guns, drugs, prostitution and violence were part of everyday live
there - they tore down the place and built new houses-
so I know a bit of the horror)
but we had gas, water and electricity (most of the times anyway).
A famous reggae song is called: Food, Clothes & Shelter

Here's another version for y'all.-

I'll shut up now and let these songs do the talking.
The Donny Hathaway cover is brought to you exclusively by Ish,
who's ears, generosity & spirit will not soon be forgotten.
(not in this lifetime, anyways!)
I'm almost feeling sorry for the contribution here from
"that certain lady", but hey,
maybe I'll bring you the "uncensored" version from Elvis
(without Cartman!) next time, so buckle up...
The WAR cover is nice though...
1. Branford Marsalis - Stretto From The Ghetto (7:16)
2. Clash - Ghetto Defendant (4:45)
3. David Liebman - Children Of The Ghetto (3:42)
4. Dolly Parton - In The Ghetto (2:47)
5. George Shearing - The World Is A Ghetto (4:41)
6. Lauren Hill - Every Ghetto Every City (5:14)
7. Lonnie Gordon - Little Ghetto Boy (5:32)
8. Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - Queen From The Ghetto (version dub) (5:27)
9. Mos Def - Ghetto Rock (3:53)
10. South Park - In The Ghetto (4:01)


ish said...

Cool E-Mile. George Shearing doing The World Is A Ghetto??? I'm downloading this just for THAT!!!

E-mile said...