Sunday, March 16, 2008

88: juicy junglestuff, part 3!

hi there.
Yes, it's part 3 of those jungle orientated songs.
And HOW sweet it is... well, just listen...
Moi personally, je suis tres CONTENT 'bout this one.
(and 'bout he pic also, yes, I had FUN blogging this!)
-I'm sure & hope lots of you do (still & will!) share & care for THAT feeling-
Oh, but what I'm dabbling about, take a dip into yet
another 10 songs that (can) do the matter...
and if/when the Bob Marley song is the only one you know/knew,
you may in fact be in for a treat :-)
1. Ahmed Abdul-Malik - El Ghada [The Jungle] (3:05)
2. Billie Holiday - Under A Blue Jungle Moon (3:05)
3. Bob Marley - Concrete Jungle (4:13)
4. Buckshot Lefonque - Jungle Grove (4:44)
5. Chakachas - Jungle Fever (4:19)
6. Mandingo - Jungle Juice (4:19)
7. Manu Dibango - Jungle Riders (3:00)
8. Nkengas - Jungle Funk (3:27)
9. Oneness Of Juju - Space Jungle Funk (9:39)
10. Sheeba - Jungle Fever (2:33)
PSt: I'm seriously considering to go back with RS for the uploads,
for the moment anyways, Sharebee is out(?)
hope zshare doesn't change for the WORST.
but i'm considering a few options...anyone have suggestions?


Reza said...

Thanks for he nice comment @ mine
Welcome to link will reciprocate :)

What record shop & where in Holland , will be over for North Sea Jazz Fest in July , do you sell jazz vinyl ...

E-mile said...

Hi Reza, NSJ used to be in The Hague for years, I visited it a couple of times back than. On the premises was always a nice presentation of CD ( and vinyl) shops...I don't know any jazzvinylshop in R'dam, maybe you wanna google for it?
But a lot of the "trade" today is done via the internet (ebay, marktplaats etc)
Following is a list of secondhand stores in Holland (not everyone has vinyl!):

in advance have a good stay for the NSJF,
kind regards, E-mile

Reza said...

Excellent thank you :)

We, bacoso & myself have been maybe a dozen times when it was in the Hague but have yet to do Rotterdam (not my favorite city) so I pretty much know all the record shops there and in Amsterdam , was just curious as to what shop you worked in :)

Will you be going this year ?
Thanks again for the links
BTW have linked you

E-mile said...

Hi Reza (& Bacoso)
in a rather small (but nevertheless excellent)recordshop in a small town between Nijmegen and Den Bosch, the shop was called Via Via...
Nope, this year we've got other holiday plans.
Thank for he link back
peace, Emile

thebeathunters said...

hi emile,
i think Rs is great- some say they're hand in hand with RIAA... i don't really know. maybe it's ok with some anonymizer
still enjoying your mixes, man. can't be less than thrilled by the input you're throwing here. KOG

Bonobo said...

404 in the jungle.

BTW I lived my childhood at the edge of the jungle, kind of, here

E-mile said...

bonobo, that is somewhere way back...India! must been great?

Bonobo said...

Dear E-mile, you witty, friendly, taste- and mindful person: Thank you!

* * *

And yes, that's a loooong way back (re: edge of the jungle) , it was from 1961 to '68, I was age 4 to 11 then. Wouldn't want to change a thing, I'm grateful for such a childhood rich in impressions: sounds, scents, views, emotions ... and I still long for home, and mind you -- the real culture shock for me was returning to Europe, people seemed so cold and selfish to me, elbowing their way around ... it's not meant as a joke that sometimes I write "Germoney" ... and it was only when I met people who viewed themselves as "hippies" that I learnt it needn't always be so cold and edgy hereabout.

BTW I think this one (#88) was the last bad link I've found, so I'm through for now with my manic music spree. Have added your blog to my RSS feeds for sure, cause I wouldn't want to miss one single post of yours.

I've seen quite a few music blogs, and -- to me -- yours is best, very touching sometimes, always witty and heartful, and always tasteful. I regard your blog as one great present for me, for me, for me ;-D

* * *

BTW RS and MU both work great for me (premium accts), while the others aren't nearly as good. I registered w/ Mediafire for some other blog, but as far I can tell MF sucks donkey, always redirecting me to the first page and letting me wait etc.

Hartelijke Groeten van Tom uit Duitsland and Love & Peace to all and everyone!

E-mile said...

Tom, you're living proof people of Germoney aren't all Germonkeys [:-)
Over here there's a lot of greed and shortsightedness too, mind you!
I stay with RS, although they shortened the links lifetime with a month(!), it's the fastest around (with a premium).
Grüße aus Holland!
(will post a fresh one soon...)