Monday, March 10, 2008

84: For Trane...

Today's a tribute's tribute to John Coltrane,
here most songs are inspired by
(and a few written by) the great and late John Coltrane.
For this I found inspiration (as always)
at Ish's place, amongst others out there in the blog-0-sphere.
(I just added My Jazz World to my greatblogs-links/roll,
every now and then he brings some REALLY great albums to
my/our/your(?!) ears, please visit ! ! ! )
The two Joe Lee Wilson songs are somewhat different versions,
both totally worth checking out! (1976 first and 1978 the second)
Roland Kirk is (as usual!) totally out there,
and yes, ofcourse McCoy and Elvin always carried the
spirit of the great man along with them.
Respect, listen & enjoy!
1. Carlos Garnett - Senor Trane (7:44)
2. Eddie Harris - Coltrane's View (4:13)
3. Elvin Jones - Brother John (4:16)
4. Joe Lee Wilson & Bond Street - Mode For Trane (13:50)
5. Joe Lee Wilson - Mode For Trane (9:13)
6. McCoy Tyner - Mode To John (5:42)
7. Michael White - John Coltrane Was Here (6:03)
8. Roland Kirk - A Tribute To John Coltrane
a. Lush Life b. Afro-Blue c. Bessie's Blues (8:11)
9. Roland Kirk - Something For Trane That Trane (3:09)
10. Sonny Fortune - Five For Trane (6:28)
(link re-upped!)

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Simon666 said...

Hi there,
i just posted a collection of Coltrane tributes at my new blog, and decided to go looking to see if anyone else had done it - and found this great one of yours!
It's amazing, there are so many good tribute tracks, we've only got two common ones - the Eddie Harris and the Sonny Fortune.

Anyway, come over and see :
with the Coltrane post at

I'll put a link to your one in my comments.
Hope to see you there,