Tuesday, March 25, 2008

92: Ten times Jimi's covers

today 10 covers of the late & great Jimi Hendrix!
It's rather a mixed and diverse bunch,
I had quite some fun with them.
But after this, I realized (once more) that the originals
probably never can be equaled,
simply because Jimi's music was his OWN!
That's for sure.
Even for the songs that he covered,
he managed to keep them close to himself.
Wouldn't he have died that young, I wonder,
what kinda music he would have had left in store for us?
You can only guess, and these 10 songs remind us of his legacy.
1. Ben Harper - Voodoo Chile (11:18)
2. Fever Tree - Hey Joe (12:56)
3. Jimmy Castor Bunch - Purple Haze/Foxy Lady (3:53)
4. John Klemmer - Third Stone From The Sun (4:15)
5. New Mastersounds - Ain't No Telling (2:59)
6. Randy California (Spirit) - Hey Joe (6:22)
7. T Swift & The Electric Bag - Are You Experienced (4:38)
8. Throwing Muses - Manic Depression (2:57)
9. Toad - Purple Haze (4:20)
10. Wailing Souls - May This Be Love (Waterfall) (3:47)


soulbrotha said...

Thanks for this. My favorite version is Me'shell N'degeocello's cover of May This Be Love.

ish said...

I have some good Hendrix covers in mind. I will look through my iTunes and send you something later!

Bill said...

Always up for some Jimi covers. I think Hendrix has been covered more than any 20th century artist except for Bob Dylan.

I found a "Chicks Covering Hendrix" mix on the 'Net somewhere that's decent. It didn't use Me'shell N'degeocello's cover of May This Be Love, it used the one by Emmylou Harris instead for that track.

I'm a bit surprised you don't have more Hendrix in your Wah-Wah series.

E-mile said...

Bill, check my post nr. 25 in concern for Jimi not being in more wah-wah posts :-)
Peace, E-mile

Spon said...

Ya gotta get the Arbors' cover of Hey Joe. There's nothing quite like it, especially as it was released in 1968.

Hey Joe, where you going with that woodchuck in your hand?

E-mile said...

it's out there again: